chapter 11

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Justin p.o.v

The guys pulled away and put selena down he push her behind him the guy was charlie i hate that guy

"Justin this is my boyfriend Charlie"selena said has Charlie kissed her cheek it pissed me off I'm the only one who can do that not him

"Boyfriend?when did this happen"selena giggled and blush

"Just a few minutes ago and were going on a date later"Charlie said with a smirk on his face that i wanted to smack off his face two can play that Charlie i smirk

"Well i guess you should know that selena cheated on you with me"charlie kissed selena cheek

"Well me and my princess we weren't  dating then and plus she though you were me so"charlie said i knew he was right i was mad

"Plus she knows that i can treat her better the you can"Charlie said

"Shut the hell up"

"No you can GO FUCK yourself and GET OUT of my house before i call the police"selena said. Mad i made my way to the door and stop

"This isn't over"i said walking out

Selena p.o.v

Me and Charlie sat on the couch for a while talking and cuddling

"Are you okay" Charlie said as he kissed my forehead i nodded then   moved my head closer to his head

"We have to go to school today"  Charlie said I looked at the time

"yeah we have to go come on get up"i get up charlie pulled me back down and kissed me I was straddling him he bit my lip i moaned then got up charlie grad my hand

"I will drive baby girl"charlie said walking to his car then he open the door for me and i got in he closed the door; got in the car and drove to school we parked we got charlie was holding my hand when a guy ran up to us

"Hey char is this the girl that you is  one of a kind"the guy said

"Yeah baby this jake jake this is selena"charlie said

"Hey jake i like you nickname for char what's your nickname"jake smiled

"Well every every one calls me papi Chulo so call me papi chulo" i laughed my ex told me to call him that too

"You do know that means sugar daddy"jake nodded and laughed so did i laughed and walked away Charlie caught up to me and walked next to me holding my hand he. Took me to our class i walked and sat that the back of the room with Charlie

At lunch

I was talking to demi telling her how justin kept getting me and charlie in trouble and how he is in everything class i have

"I go to go but maybe he pay someone to have all the same class with you"demi said i nodded and hugged her i walked out to charlie car when i felt a sharp pain in my head. I was getting dizzy and everything was turning black

*selena past out

Mastery p.o.v

"Pick her up before someone see us with her dumb ass oh selena selena such a pretty girl. Your going to pay" i said as he putt her is the van

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