chapter 2

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Italy awoke the next morning and heard a beeping next to him. His head hurt massively. The throbbing enough to keep him laying down. Then Italy suddenly remembered his brother and sat up. He instantly cried out in pain remembering how the auctioneer wiped him before him and his brother were sold. Italy looked to his left and almost screamed in Fright. He saw his brother laying there in the bed next to him. Tube sticking out from his chest and throat. IV drips attached to both arms. Italy tried to stand when praying with tears soaking his cheeks.
"Please don't move much you and Romano are badly injured."
Italy quickly looked over to where the voice came from. Italy's eyes wide and with tears.
"Holy Rome...?"
The man stands and walks over to Italy and puts him back into a laying position.
"My name is Ludwig. Well I'm Germany. I was the one who bought you and your brother. I'm going to help you to be a nation again. That is if your brother survives."
Italy starts to panic as his brother's monitor starts to slow down getting slower and slower.
"What's happening to him!"
Germany runs over to romano and starts to check his stats. Italy sits up crying his eyes out.
"Fratello! You can't leave me all alone."
Germany somehow manages to get romano to stabilize and runs over and hugs Italy.
"He is okay now you don't have to worry."
Italy flinches away from Germany thinking he is in trouble for crying and as shocked as Germany Pat's his head
"why are you being so nice to me and Fratello?" Italy questions.
Germany Smiles
"because I want you to thrive as a healthy Nation. With your brother there by your side to help you and guide you when others can not."
Italy purrs softly and ends up falling asleep and Germany's arms.
         A few rough months later italy and Romano are on their way to Germany's house. Italy sits in the front seat with germany driving and Romano in the back. Romano is still sickly but is doing much better since the treatment Germany got him in the hospital. Italy jumps out of the car as they pull in the driveway and runs about.
"O my gosh!!! Its so amazing! Its so big! Germany. It looks stunning"
Germany let's out a soft chuckle.
"Come you two my bruder would like to meet you guys."
Italy happily walks inside with germany holding onto his arm. But suddenly italy stops dead in his tracks as Prussia runs down the stairs.
"Is my slightly less awesome bruder finally home! West who are those two with yo...." Says a silver haired man as he walked down stairs
Prussia suddenly stopped and stared right back at italy. Italy starts to whimper with tears and romano stands in front of him. Germany looks confused between the two and is shocked as Prussia throws romano to the side and slams italy to the wall holding his collar.
"Bruder!! What are you doing to italy!" Yells germany trying to get Prussia off of the small sobbing Italian.
Prussia growls in Italy's face.
"Dont you dare say a single word shitty ass Italian."
Italy cries out heavily. "He was my first master!"
Prussia growled and throws italy to the ground. Italy flies across the room and whimpers as everything goes black.

Hey guys!! Second chapter done!! I decided to post early! Are you proud? I hope so. Hope it is long enough and I'll try to keep up with this. Love you all. Remember to like and comment!! Should I add some Spain x Romano. I was thinking of trying Romano x Prussia. What do you all think.

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