Highway To Hell

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Pete had seen puppies. He had seen kittens. He had even seen both at the same time but nothing could prepare him for that boy that was walking down the stairs towards him.

Wearing black skinny jeans and combat boots with a plain tee and a sweater over it, a backpack slung over his shoulder his fedora boy smiled at him nervously.

"You look so adorable!" Pete practically screamed as he hugged the boy as tightly as possible to reassure him.
"Listen, i know this is a new school and it will be scary but i will fill you in on everything you will need to know." He grinned as the two got into the car to leave.

"First of, this is a school full of mostly rich kids. Rich meaning they are douchebags. So that being said, there will be some hate that you don't deserve. There shouldn't be anything too serious but im sorry in advance if they are pieces of shit and if anyone says anything to you, tell me so i can kick their ass.
Second of all, there should be someone you know in most of your classes so you shouldn't be too lonely." Pete finished off.

"Basically, don't worry because i love you and i'll always be here for you." He said, grabbing Patricks hand in comfort.

Pulling up to hell, the parking lot was already full of new cars from the obviously loaded students and freshmen who had just got off the bus.

"Pete, I'm nervous."

"Hey, its okay. Im here so you don't have to be." He answered, getting out of the car and going to the other side to latch on to Patrick before walking onto the campus together.
Looking around, lingering eyes seemed to latch onto the boys hands that were together, some ignoring it, some looking
surprised and some turning away in disgust. It was quite an average reaction.

"Oh shit waddup its my boiz!" Brendon yelled, patting the two on the back as he walked up with Ryan in tow.
"You guys ready for hell?" He asked in an oddly happy tone.

"We just have to get Patricks schedule." Pete answered as the group walked to the office where a grumpy looking secretary awaited.
"How may i help you." She looked up, the bags of her eyes popping out of her face. "Uh yes i was looking for Patrick Stump's schedule?" He asked, watching as the secretary stood up and grabbed the schedule from a stack, handing it to him.
"Thank you!" He chirped before being pulled away by Brendon back outside to a nearby table where all their friends awaited, schedules in hand.

After several comparisons, a few groans and excitement, they had determined that Patrick had a class with Andy and Joe, a class with Ryan, a class with Gerard, a class without his friends, a class with all of his friends and a class with Pete and Brendon that was sure to be crazy leaving a period of loneliness.

"Well Trick, are you happy to have a class with me and Bren?" Pete asked cheekily, earning an eye roll from his boyfriend as the class bell rang, signaling their first period.

"Bye Pete." Patrick said, leaning in for a kiss.
"Bye Trick. See you at lunch." He responded, giving him a quick hug before walking off to his class.

Following Andy and Joe nervously to their first class, he started looking around at the fellow students. Most of them were close to Pete's description of rich kids but some seemed somewhat normal.
There was the obvious high school cliques already formed from previous years that none of his friends appeared to fit in to and it was similar to his previous school.

Sitting down in the back row between his two friends, the teacher walked in as the bell rang. "Hello, I'm Ms. Jackson and ill be your english teacher." She said with a lipstick smile.
Wearing a short skirt and a low necked shirt that showed off quite a bit of skin, almost all the boys were drooling over her- except for Patrick. She seemed like the slutty type but who was he to judge?

The rest of the class went on in the boring fashion of every first day introduction until the bell rang once more, signaling their release.
The next few classes went on along the same line of lesson introductions. Patrick was already best friends with Ryan but had never really talked to Gerard, learning he was a singer and artist that was quite friendly once you got to know him. Patrick started to get nervous about the final class before he was with Pete but it turned out that math was by far the best.
When he walked in, he saw a guy named Dallon that Brendon was friends with and decided to sit by him, hoping he would be nice.
The two had never really talked much before besides the occasional conversation on guitars but apart from that they were only friends of friends until today. He seemed like he was hiding something dark but besides that, he was the one of the kindest funniest people Patrick had met. "See you at lunch?" He asked as the left the classroom. "Of course." Dallon smiled, walking the other direction.
Walking into his next classroom a few rooms away, Brendon was already sitting across one of the desks in the most sensual pose possible. "Patrick!" A voice called out, Pete running towards him and enveloping him in a hug. "I missed you." He grinned.
"Its been 4 classes."
"Still!" He insisted, walking back over to the three seats Brendon was already saving by laying across the desks.

"Thank fuck your here! Pete was being a little bitch the whole time complaining about you not being there and-" he was disrupted by Pete shoving him off the table before sitting down as the bell rang.

"Get ready for an interesting class period." Pete smirked.


A/N: HEYYY so i took a break from writing for the summer but school is back and so is my fanfic! The ending kinda sucks but yeah. Also im litrally writing this while our school is being evacuated for a gas leak. Help.

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