xix. him

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"India Rose Simmons, this was such a stupid, stupid idea," River paced around the back room of the music store, his phone rested between his shoulder and his ear. He thought he might throw up he was so sick from everything running through his mind. He wanted to believe he could let go of his neurotic tendencies when it came to his guitars and who was allowed to touch them but that was so far from the truth.

"Would you please relax?" Indie asked on the other end. "You're acting like Harry is going to set the damn thing on fire."

"He doesn't have a fireplace, does he?" River asked.

"No," she yelped. "Okay, look, do you just want to go get it? It's at his apartment. We're about to go into the movie but he'll leave it in my car and you have my spare key still, don't you? You can come get it and go to his apartment. I'll text you the directions."

"Yes, please," he begged as soon as she offered it up.

"Alright, I'm leaving the key in the console. You seriously need to calm down, though," she laughed and he could hear the clicking of the cubby in the middle of her car followed by the shutting of her car door.

"Thank you," he sighed and Indie just laughed again, probably shaking his head at him for his insane behavior. He didn't care though as he ended the call and tucked the phone back into the front pocket of his jeans, pushing open the door in the back and walking back out to where Clark stood behind the counter top.

"You all better now? Know it's in a safe place?" He chuckled when he saw his friend.

"Wipe that stupid ass grin off your face," River rolled his eyes. "Have you told Tina yet?"

"Told Tina what?" The brown eyed girl asked as she entered the store, hearing the blunt end of the twos conversation. "What do you have to tell me, Thomas?"

"It's nothing," Clark shook his head and put his best smile on. "Swear."

Tina looked over at River who just shook his head at her. Normally Tina would have pushed to know whatever it was that Clark was trying to keep secret from her but she needed his opinion on something and didn't think pushing him to tell her what he didn't want to was a good way to start.

"Okay, well then," she laughed. "I need your opinion on something but you both need to promise me you won't tell Indie about this because I don't think she'd be too happy about it."

"I can't keep things from her," River put his hands up in defense. "Whatever it is, I don't need to hear it."

"Okay, that's fine," Tina nodded, already knowing better that the two friends were incapable of hiding things from one another. Not that it was a bad thing to have in a relationship. Tina just knew when things were better to keep to herself.

"I'm all ears," Clark turned to her. "What's up?"

Tina reached into her bag and carefully pulled out the neatly folded paper flower left on her desk the day before. She had been thinking about it nonstop since it came into her sight. She held it up to him and offered it to him.

"What does that mean?" She asked.

"It's a flower," he stated. "What more is there to know?"

"Yeah, I know that, genius," she groaned. "I want to know what the hell it means."

"Where did you get it?" He asked her, pulling himself up on the counter as he studied the paper flower. She knelt down, her elbows leaned against the glass counter top and sighed, a story about to leave her lips.

"It's from the guy in the library. You remember me telling you about that jerk I ran into and then seeing him again when we were getting my books?" She asked. "I may have said I was going back for to study but I was curious about him and he left that on my desk. I have no idea what the hell it means though and it's getting on my nerves."

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