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Derek was sitting on the brown leather couch on his phone. He was checking the news of beacon hills to see if there were any strange animal attacks or anything linked to the supernatural that he should be concerned about. Alison and Erica were on their phones while talking about relationships and Lydia was silent, reading a book.

Stiles was looking at the bookshelf, searching for a book. Good, thought Derek stiles doesn't need muscle power, he needs something he's good at. Which Is collecting information.

"aha! Found you..." Stiles muttered before sitting down by the window with a large leather book. That book was one of the dozen that survived the infamous Hale fire.

"whats that?" Derek asked him and heard the kids heartbeat tick up. Stiles looked amused.

"its a book on wolfsbane. I'm trying to find out what these ones-" he jerked his thumb towards the window where a wild patch of wolfsbane was growing outside "-are and if i can use them. They might even help us"

Derek watched the sheriffs son read with a twinge of affection. When stiles looked up, he looked down at his phone in fake concentration. Stiles blinked and went back to his book. Derek thought he looked cute when he concentrated, lip biting and eyebrows furrowing. Nothing could quench this kids thirst for knowledge and- wait did Derek think Stiles was cute?! What in the hell-

"found it!" Stiles exclaimed, Derek looked up from his phone and asked what type it was.

"ly-coct-onum. Lycoctonum. Its...very poisonous, like so poisonous that in ancient Greece they used it as euthanasia. Well. For humans it is but for you guys it strengthens your body...and ah! Helps you heal faster." Stiles took a photo of it with his phone and closed the book, satisfied.

"what are you going to do?" He asked cautious of his safety.

"collect it, Dry it and keep it. We may need it- and don't worry, I have to actually eat alot of it to die." He skipped out the door to get a jar.

Derek felt conflicted. He wanted to think about it more but he wanted to do it in his room so he could think straight and not be smelled. He decided to do that and walked up the stairs.

As soon as the two left, Lydia got out her phone and started texting furiously. Erica raised her eyebrows at Allison who just shrugged.


They both had texts from Lydia. They looked at her and she smiled that omg-you-have-to-see-this smile so they saw the text, she had made a facebook chat with them in it.

Lydia: OMG so I was watching Derek and Stiles and they totally like each other!!!! (talk on here so no one hears)

Both smirked and began typing.

Allison: Tell us more lyds

Erica: What else did you see?

Lydia: Derek was staring at Stiles and when he looked away stiles was staring at him

Allison: it makes sense anyways tho. They have been nice to each other lately and we all know Derek doesn't do 'nice'


Allison: Ok we have to get them together!

Lydia: Agreed but we tell no one about this mkay?

Allison: K I wont tell scotty he probs would find it weird

Erica: And I wont tell Boyd either

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