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Harry POV

Now, I was in bed, trying and failing to get a couple of hours of sleep before the first task. 'It's ok, I have Hermione and Ron with me, and they will never leave my side.' I thought to myself.


Author POV

It was minutes before the first task and Harry was a nervous wreck. He had chosen the Hungarian Horntail out of the bag and he was to go last. That gave him time to think about how he was going to die and he forgot to write a will but everything should go to Hermione...

"Harry!" Harry stopped brooding and went to the tent flap.


"Yes. Now, you will be fine, I know it. If it helps, just look for me in the crowd," she knew how he looked for her in quidditch matches to give him strength "I will be cheering the loudest! Good luck, promise me... Promise me you won't die, Harry! I couldn't... I just wouldn't be able to bear it, if you died. Please, don't die, for me!" She was crying at the end of her practically begging for him to stay alive.

"I will try, Hermione. For you. Shhhh, it's okay. I will try my very hardest not to die, I promise." He soothed.

All of a sudden, Hermione leapt through the tent flap and tackled Harry with one of her famous hugs. Seconds later, her lips had crashed onto his and they were kissing desperately. FLASH! They stopped and saw the infamous Rita Skeeter, snooping around for more lies to tell about people as usual.

"Awww, young love! This is going on the front page!" She said.

"Excuse me, I vill 'ave to ask you to leave, vis tent is for ze champions and their friends only, and I do not believe zat you fit under any of those headings." Krum glared at Skeeter.

She looked a bit put out put said "Ah yes, apologies, I have everything I need anyway. Goodbye!" And with that she stalked off.

" I hate that woman. I dread to think what she will write in that article." Harry told hermione.

"Yes. Well, I guess I have to go find my seat. Good luck Harry, I think you will do fine!" Hermione replied.

She pecked him on the lips before she left.


"Finally, Harry Potter!!!!" The announcement signalled for Harry to walk out to face his dragon.

"Go Harry!!!" Hermione Cheered. Gryffindor and most Ravenclaw cheered as well but all the Slytherins and all but a couple of Hufflepuffs were booing.

Hermione watched as Harry stood and looked at her, before nodding and giving her a weak smile.

"Accio Firebolt!" he said, sticking out his arm. The dragon shot fire at him as he dove out of the way waiting for his trusty broom. It came into sight and flew straight into his awaiting hand. He jumped on and kicked off the ground. A large cheer erupted from somewhere behind Hermione, it sounded like a man, but she didn't look around.

Harry flew around the dragon, waiting for an opportunity to fly in and grab the egg. He waited a while before flying further into the sky to lure it away. The dragon started to do what Harry hoped and fly to him, but then, the worst thing Harry could imagine happened.

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