Chapter 1

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For My Good Friend Liani Edwards

I remember how my dad used to tell me to be a kid for as long as i can. He said it doesn't last forever. I didn't believe him. All I ever wanted was to grow up. Ever since I was 5. But now i'm sixteen.

Junior year in high school. Believe it or not it felt like the past sixteen years of my life had past by too quick. It was just last year that I realised, I didn't want to grow up. I wanted be a kid again, do stupid things, be who I wanted to be, without anyone judging my every move. High school isn't as fun as thought it would be...

"Wendy" My Mom called, the creaking sound of my door opening. I turned my head slightly to look at her. "Your Father and I are going to a business party, We will be home before dinner"

I nodded and turned back to the window. There was a new Family moving into the house across from mine. I examined them carefully as they all hopped out of a shiny green truck.

One by one 6 young boys emerged. None of the boys seemed to be around my age. The Mother and Father hopped out as well attending to help the moving truck people.

That's odd.

Not one of the boys seemed to look like the parents. Just before i was about to close my curtain, another boy lazily slumped out of the car. He looked around my age. I couldn't see much but he didn't look like the parents either, He looked pretty tall but rugged.

I let out a chuckle when i saw the three smallest boys dance around him.

"What are you doing?" I hear and i quickly shut my curtain.

"John get out of my room" I yell turning to glare at him. He was leaning against my door, a smirk clear on his face. His dorky glasses pushed up against the bridge of his nose.

"No, what were you giggling at?" He asks strolling into my room, and moving towards where i was stood.

"First of all i don't giggle! And thats none of your business" i state with a huff. "Now get out" i point towards the door. He ignored me and bumped me out of the way of my curtain. I watched as he pulled open the blinds and looked around.

"New Neighbours!" He yelled and ran down the stairs.

"Where?!" I heard Michael yell running up to my room. He walked towards where i was still standing. I watched as he stood on the tips of his toes to look out my window. "Hey they look like they're my age" he smiled. I glanced out the window to see 2 boys trying to carry a box 2 times the size of themselves into the house. I laughed along with Michael as the box kept slipping out of their hands.

Then he came out. The eldest boy. I took a closer look at him, He had sandy brown hair, he was wearing a dark green jumper and black skinny jeans. He grabbed the box off the two little boys and started to head inside. But before he could John tapped him on the shoulder and started to introduce himself.


John? Oh god.

"Michael we got to go get john!" I yelled racing down the stairs and out the front door. John can't just go up to a randoms house. Especially if they have just arrived. At least let them settle in first. I held onto Michaels arm as we crossed the road.

"John!" Both John and the Boy turned to look at me. "I'm sorry about my brother, he's a little nosey" i explain looking at John.

"It's Alright," his voice was soft and low "he was just welcoming my family to the neighbourhood" he explained.

"I'm Wendy by the way, this is Michael" i say looking down to my right. "And i'm sure you've already met John" i chuckle awkwardly.

"How amusing" he says looking me straight in the eyes. His Eyes. They're so blue. Like the ocean.

"How so?" I reply still mesmerised by his eyes. I couldn't help stare.

"Don't worry about it, And my name is Peter" he says stretching out a hand for me to shake. I take his hand and shake it.

"It's nice to meet you Peter"

"Its nice to meet you too Wendy" Butterflies erupted in my stomach. The way he says my name, i could tell he wasn't from London. His accent was so different. American? Australian? I don't know but it sounded adorable.

"Peter! We need some help please!" I heard a husky voice call.

"Well i must be going anyway, Goodbye Peter" i announced grabbing ahold of John and Michael.

"Oh, right Goodbye Wendy! John, Michael" he waved as we ran back to the house.


First Chapter, not the best, but i try :)

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