Back in town

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Emily's POV:

Great I'm back in this shitty town with my shitty dad again and for what a couple of months.

Pulling into the driveway

So no welcome wagon I take it. I say as the driver opens the door. "Sorry miss your father had to step out but Aaron is waiting for you inside" who's Jake I asked but no reply ok then best make the most of this. As I walked up the steps to my dads house I realised that I was not dressed for this I was just in a yellow dress with white slip ons and a white bow awesome thanks mum for making me ware this. I look as if I'm 12 again but I'm not I'm fucking 16 I wanted to ware my jeans but noo it wasn't fancy enough for my dear old father well if he decided to give a fuck then maybe we could have all been best buddies. Pufft ok whatever

As we walked to my room He kept asking me so many Questions i didnt want to answer any of them i felt like i was gunna scream. 

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