Chapter 1 - I love you

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Before I let you read this story, yeah I'm holding you back, I started this in November 2013. The first 20 chapters seem (actually they are let's be real) horrible. If you read until the end, I guarantee you will notice the drastic change in my writing. None of the chapters are edited yet, but they soon will be. So if you bare with me for a couple chapters, you will finally get into this story. And please, don't say its going too fast. I jumped right into the story thinking it wouldn't become anything. But I was entirely wrong. Read with leisure. (:

I put on my make-up, which was just mascara and foundation, and put on a black AC/DC crop top with studded black shorts and a pair of black vans. I twirled in the mirror then headed towards my bedroom door.

My feet tapped down some carpeted steps until I reached the kitchen. I grabbed a piece of toast that was set on the counter and kissed my mom on the cheek. "Cameron is picking me up!" I said to her as I ran out to the wooden porch.

My mom and Cameron had a special bond, she practically treats him as her own son. Which is somewhat surprising considering she is very hesitant of most of my guy friends. He even sleeps over sometimes and she doesn't mind, which is extremely odd.

I heard a truck roaring down the road I lived on. "Good morning princess!" Cameron yelled out of the truck window. i was confused, he almost never called me that.

"Morning!" I yelled back. He turned off the ignition and jumped out of the large truck. He then outstretched his arms signaling for a hug. I reached in. I loved his hugs, they were warm and caring.

He pulled back. "You look gorgeous today, Amara. Your hair is cute too!" He said playing with my long wavy brown hair.

"Thanks," I smiled. Cameron gave me another hug then took my bag and threw it in the truck. He turned around and led me to the truck helping me up.

"Can I stay the night tonight?" He asked with puppy dog eyes.

I laughed, "I don't care." He smiled with joy.


When we got to school he helped me out of his truck and grabbed my hand. "What?" I asked him referring to our hands that were interlocked.

"Oh sorry," He said pulling away.

"Yeah..." I laughed. He blushed and looked embarrassed. Nash was coming towards us. "Hi Nash!" I said as he came in and hugged me.

"Amara you look gorgeous today," He whispered in my ear while he hugged me.

"Thank you," I said back.

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