Just Another Girl

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Just another girl,
trying to make a difference,
only to fall further behind.
I won't give up though.
I'll never stop fighting.
You see me as...
weak, awkward, quite...
yet I am so much more...
I am the storm of the sea.
I am the one that cares...
when no one else did.
I am the heat of the fire.
I will never fit in.
I will never state my mind .
I will wierd you out.
I say all the wrong things.
But I will never stop being me.
I am a warrior, a fighter...
I won't give up till my last breath.
Knock me down I will stand strong.
No you may not see the strong me,
but I am fearce and ready.
To you yes I may be quite and shy,
I may look away and fail to speak.
There's much more to me than that.
If you stand by me you will see her.
I wish you would stand with me,
maybe than you'll see who I am.
Just another girl but your girl.

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