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"But I don't want to leave!" You exclaimed. Your unofficial adopted mother, Maleficent, replied with a shrug.
"They want you, they're gonna take you," she said.
Maleficent's real daughter, Mal looked at you with sad eyes. For 10 years you had grown up together, and suddenly, Auradon wanted to take you away.
They were experimenting with a new project: allowing Villian Kids into Auradon Prep. You were more of a criminal kid rather than a Villian kid, or so you've heard, so that's probably why they chose you as their first subject; to play it safe.
"Promise you won't become a prissy pink princess?" Mal said.
"Promise," you said with a sad smile.

It was an hour until noon, the time scheduled for the black limo to pull up in front of Maleficent's house. Your closest friends were there to say goodbye. Mal, of course, was there. Along with Evie, daughter of the evil queen, whom you had met one day while exploring the Island. Carlos, son of Cruella De Vil was also there. You had met him at lunch at school, even though you were in different grades. Jay, the son of Jafar, was there as well. You had met him through Mal and had instantly become best friends. He was probably the closest to you of the four, and although you'd never admit it, you had a crush on him.
The four of them weren't friends yet (except Mal and Jay), but they had come there for you, because they all feared they'd never see you again.
It was a bit awkward as you all just sat there, but you were glad they were there. You started talking with Evie when Jay wandered out the door. A couple minutes later you heard him call you from outside.
"Coming!" you called back. "I'll be right back. Please try not to kill each other while I'm gone." You knew about Mal and Evie's bad blood, and Carlos just wasn't much of a talker.
Outside, Jay was waiting for you.
"What is it?" You asked him.
"Well, you're moving so I guess I'll never get the chance to do this again," he said.
"Do what?" You asked. Suddenly his lips were on yours, and his hands were on your waist. You immediately kissed back. Five seconds later you both pulled away. You were still somewhat stunned, and Jay just ran his hand down his neck. You noticed he wasn't as confident as he normally was, but still just as flirty.
"Don't tell anyone," he said, giving you a wink and a sad smirk. You didn't say anything, but hugged him tightly before going back inside because someone was calling your name.
"What did he want?" Mal asked.
"Oh nothing," you shrugged. But inside you were smiling. You had had your first kiss. And it was with the person you'd been crushing on for three years. In fact, he was the only person you'd ever liked, and it made you sad to think that you'd never see him again.
Soon the limo came, and you said your final goodbyes. You sighed and slouched in your seat, trying to fight back the tears forming in your eyes.
Maybe if I'm good enough, they'll bring the others there too, you thought to yourself. But I won't really be good. I'll pretend to be good, but deep down inside I'll still be bad. You smiled at your plan. It would work.

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