"Alaska Woods, nice to meet you."

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The wind ruffles and rushed against my coat as I at on the hill. I looked over the small city I call home and pondered recent up-comings. Several new kids had just arrived and most smelled of vampire or werewolf decent, which as not strange considering most of my contacts were supernatural as well. I smiled a wolfish smile as I stood up and started to make my way back to Ryan's loft. My smile was instantly replaced with a frown as a heard a scream in the distance.

I slowly made my way to the source of the sound and found myself at an abandon warehouse at the edge of the small town. I rose my snout high in the air trying to pick out all the different scents, until I found a human scent. I could hear it's heart beat speed up considerably, as if it were in danger. That must be the source of the noise.

As I entered an opening in the building, I was cautiously observing the scene before me. The was a human boy on her knees as a witch infront of him played with his mind. I felt a snarl bubble deep in my chest, as my hatred for witches showed through. I let the vicious snarl escape my airway and into the air. The witches head snapped up and looked around before her eyes landed on my shadowy figure.

" Show yourself, foul creature." The witch snapped as she proceeded with the human.

I creeped out of the shadows," It's is not in you place to call a being higher than your self as if it were below you." I spoke calmly, circling her like prey.

" Are you confused, Dog?" She spat, " You are below me."

" Below you? do you know who I am?" I mused, moving closer to her.

" Why would I care who you are?" she snapped, annoyed.

I stopped circling, standing with the human behind me." My name is Alaska Woods, you must have heard of me at one point." I said humorously, watching her eyes widen," Like in a bedtime story, or possibly mentioned in discussion about the holy bible, angles perhaps." I spoke with power.

" A-Alaska, I am terribly sorry." She trembled, stopping the pain inflicted on the human.

" Causing harm to a human when you should be protecting one is forgivable," I explained," But considering you a creature above me and showing me no mercy is inexcusable."

" I'm so very sorry, she-wolf, please," she whimpered," I will do anything."

" I will forgive you once, because I am a creature of mercy." I snapped," But next time, you may find your self unexcused." I added before she nearly screamed, running away from the building as fast a possible.

I turned back to the human male, helping him up gently," Are you alright?" I asked softly.

" I-I, um thank you." He breathed.

" I have to go, will you be ok?" I asked looking into his eyes as he nodded. I turned around before running out of the building and traveling to my cousins house .

I stopped behind a tree outside of the house and quickly phased back into my human form, putting some sweatpants and a T-shirt on before heading inside. My black, curly hair cascaded down my back and my eyes returned to its natural bright blue color.

I gracefully walked down the hallway, absorbed in my thoughts. I did think of my self as higher than witches but I also considered myself equal to humans, werewolves, angles, and vampires, as I was mostly related to them. Except vampires, which are somewhat related to Satan and Lucifer, but were created by witches to some extent. They were the exception.

" Hey 'laska ." Ryan Spoke up, breaking me out of my thought. He was sitting at the dinning room table with his laptop in front of him and a few scattered papers around him.

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