Happy birthday Gracie

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Sorry! I know that like no one is reason this but it's Graces Bday so. Songs up above and I'm not singing it. It's weird and perfect for you Gracie! Lol just kidding Ily! Ps this is set after the war and Fred is alive. Alright so my bæs
Rowena_Ravenclawsome will be called Row
hermionemintgreen is Gracie
I'm Faith
sophie_loves_sport is Sophie
Bittenwizard is Rose
50_words_for_murder is Cleo
Gracie's POV
"Are you sure that's what you want from her?" Faith asked me. "Yes! I ship them sooo hard!!!" I said. She sighed and went to talk with Hermione about them meeting in the RoR later. See I sent Faith over because she's Hermione's twin and Hermione would do anything for her. Today was my birthday and all I wanted from Hermione was her and Draco to get together. I was a big matchmaker and I loved setting my friends up with people. So far I've set Faith up with Fred, Row with George, Sophie with Dean, Rose with Seamus,Cleo with Blaise, and myself with Theo. I didn't need to set Ginny up with Harry or Luna with Neville. Unfortunately for me, Ron liked Hermione. But screw him. Hermione took us to the Gryffindor common room since all of us but Ginny, Luna, Row,and her were Slytherins. Luna and Row were Ravenclaws. We went in and everyone have me there gifts. The twins got my WWW products, Dean, Neville,and Harry got me Honeydukes chocolate, Blaise got me a Slytherin shirt with a moving snake, Theo got me a snake necklace, Luna got me a nargel repellent earrings, Ginny got me a new emerald green dress, Row got me new muggle fiction books, Cleo and Rose got me a new broom, Hermione got me a broom care kit, Faith got me a new MP3 player and a Barnes and noble gift card, and Sophie got me a get out of detention card. Faith made a cake with Luna and Row so we all had that. After that everyone left and we got the plan into action. Sophie and Cleo went to get Draco, Rose went to get the camera, Faith went to get Hermione, and Row and I went to set up the RoR. The RoR looked like the outside at midnight with roses and romantic music playing. Sofia and Cleo shoved Draco inside and hide in the one tree with Row, Rose, and me. Rose got the camera ready and set it for Video. Faith came in with Hermione and locked the door. She then ran up the tree to the rest of us. Row made a small treehouse and we sat inside and waited for them to kiss. "You got stuck in here too huh" Draco said. "Yep. Did you always have that grey circle around your cornea?" Hermione said. "What?" He asked. "Your eyes. You have a grey circle and then it turns into silver pools that show al of you emotion. Like right now I see sadness and happiness, which is weird, and a little bit of hope. But your body posture suggests that your nervous about something. What ever it is you can tell me." He sighed and said "It would be easier to show you." She nodded her head. We were already recording thankfully because he quickly kissed her passionately. Hermione looked shocked but then closed her eyes and kissed back. They broke apart and he asked "Go out with me?" She smirked and said yes before kissing him again. We filmed it for a few minutes before stoping the video and quickly and quietly running out of the room. We went to the Slytherin girls dorm after getting Ginny and Luna and watched the film. We were all excited for the new couple. This was the best birthday ever.
There you go Gracie!!!! Now for the song I guess I'll sing.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Gracie
Happy birthday to you
And many more!!!!
There you go!!! Now cake for everyone!!!!!! 🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

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