Campfire and Chill?

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We're finally I'm Texas and it feels so good to get away from the city for a while even though we haven't even been here an hour yet. I just can't wait for the campfires.

Anyways, Lucas and I are in our room at Pappy Joe's little cabin house thing right now and we've almost finished unpacking our stuff. Oh and by ''we've'' I meant he's almost finished unpacking both our stuff as I lay on the bed.

With a sigh of happiness, I lean back and smile. "It feels so nice to get away from the city and all the people and shit. Man, do I love it here."

"Oh, so do you think you can call yourself my adorable little cowgirl yet?" Lucas turns around and smiles his dorky little smile, "And I can give my cowboy hat."

"Nope. Sorry, Huckleberry, I'm always gonna be a city girl," I laugh at my super cute husband and he smiles, chuckling a bit as well, "No matter how much I love it here."

It doesn't take long with Lucas to finish unpacking and for us to be up on our feet and dancing around the room together just 'cause we can. "Campfire and chill tonight?"

I burst out laughing at him and he laughs as well, knowing how much of an adorable little huckleberry he's being right now. "Of course, baby."

Lucas laughs some more, his hands finding my waist as he hoists me up so we are eye to eye, he is a lot taller than me now. During our four years of high school, Lucas grew a lot and is now exactly six feet tall and I barely grew an inch making me just five-feet and one-inch. He towers over me and I secretly love it."

Still smiling, I wrap my legs around his body while holding his face. "Fuckleberry with the Huckleberry: campfire edition."

"Well, I suggest y'all don't start that just yet," Pappy Joe's voice fills the room, "Those are some sounds that these old ears do not need to hearin'."

"Oh hey Pappy Joe," I say, awkwardly laughing as Lucas places my feet back down on the ground between him and his grandfather, "Sorry about that, you know us horny young adults so.................yeah."

"Don't worry about that," Pappy Joe laughs and pulls me in for a hug, "I haven't seen you in so long, Maya. How've you been? Seems you've gotten even prettier and made my grandson an even luckier man."

"Thanks, Pappy Joe," I smile as we break the hug, "And I've been really good. How you doin'?"

As Pappy Joe responds to me, Lucas wraps his strong arms around my neck and rests his chin down on the top of my head. "Well, I'm pretty damn old now so I spend my time sitting in my rocking chair, listening to good music and doin' my crosswords."

Like a little kid on Christmas morning, Lucas perks up, excited about something. "Hey, where's Cletis at? Is he here?"

"Oh, um, I'm sorry, boy, but uh................." Pappy Joe trails off and both Lucas and I know where he's leading to. I place my hands up on Lucas's arms that are around me in hopes to make him feel better, "He went, you know, bleh."

"What? Cletis is dead?" Lucas questions, his voice breaking, "How? What..................what killed him?"

"We're old, Lucas. His body just slowed down and stopped." Pappy Joe says after a little bit of a hesitation to remain calm and not break down.

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