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( WARNING - If you havent read the first book, its better to go back and read it before you start reading this one, because this one makes alot of references to events that took place in the first one!... You can find the first one on my profile or by searching "Theheadhill" or "Sinister twin sister" )


COPYRIGHT © 2012 Jaylen Hill

All Rights Reserved

Copyright: This story, "Sinister Twin Sister 2: Rein of Darkness", including all chapters, prologues, epilogues and associated content is copyrighted. All rights are reserved by the owner and creator of this work (Jaylen Hill) and any unauthorized copying, broadcasting, manipulation, distribution or selling of this work constitutes as an infringement of copyright. Any infringement of copyright is punishable by law.

Also: This is a work of complete and total fiction. Any names, characters, places, incidents or dialogues are all products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, dead or alive, is entirely coincidental.

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"Some people say that I have a big ego, or that I'm conceited. It's not that though, it's just that I like myself... ALOT... So you should like yourself alot too!" ~ JBH >The Head Hill<

Picture this....

You're in a large well lit theatre with many rows of chairs going back for what seems like miles, but you're probably just over exaggerating. The walls are a deep burgundy and the floors are black but stainless steel. There's a grand stage up ahead with silky golden stage curtains draping down, but they're closed.  You're sitting in the middle of the third row, anticipating and waiting for the show to began. You have large butterflies in your stomach because you're so anxious to know what happens. You've read the last book, seen the trailer for it, and now you can't take it anymore, you're simply dying to know what's going to happen in 'Sinister Twin Sister' next.

The theatre chairs are all occupied, each and every one of them, it's a packed house. You hear the many different conversations of the hundreds of people sitting around you, but it mostly just sounds like a big bunch of chatter.

Your best friend is sitting directly to your left, you can see her (or him) out of the corner of your eye.

She (or he) leans in towards your ear, and yells to be heard over the people around you. "WHEN IS THIS SHOW SUPPOSED TO BE STARTING?!"

You shrug your shoulders when suddenly the lights began to dim, and the chatter around you comes to a halt.

Finally! You think to yourself, as your anticipation reaches its peak.

The only light on now is that of a spot light coming from the ceiling, shining down on the stage. you can see the sillouette of a person walking towards it. You lean in to try and see who it is...

It's Jaylen, who comes walking into the spot light as thunderous applause momentarily fills the theatre. He smiles and bows graciously, humbly welcoming the crowd into his self created world.

He clasps his hands together, almost to tears. He begans to speak as the applause comes to a sudden stop. "First off, I want to thank YOU, my fans and friends, for being so kind and amazing and voting for my first book 'Sinister Twin Sister', and making it a success and a Watty Award WINNER. That's Right, thanks to you guys, my very FIRST book ever written is an award winner..." He looks to the left side of the crowd. "...That's so crazy to me, because what was once just a silly idea in my head is now extremely successful to my standards, and it's all because of all of your love and support...." He looks straight ahead again. "...And now without ANY further ado, I welcome you all into my crazy imagination for a second time, with the sequal to Sinister Twin Sister..." He lifts his hands to the right, motioning towards the golden stage curtains behind him. "...'Rein Of Darkness'!" A second round of applause fills the theatre, as he smiles and walks off the stage and into the audience, taking the middle seat in the first row.

The spot light fades as the golden stage curtains began to open, and the story picks up right from where it left off the last time....Only this time, something is a tad bit different... This time it starts off with LEAH'S point of view....