Love Olympus (8)

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I walked over to the living room making sure I didn't make a peep. No one really noticed when I entered and sat down right beside June. She gave me a look that meant she noticed, but I just shrugged to wave off her suspicions. She didn't ask any questions and continued to watch the interview.

The minute I got comfortable I noticed the audience in the screen were already clapping and cheering. The interview was done.

All the contestants got up and started to mingle amongst each other. Some going off doing their own thing with their own team mate while others just lingered. I sighed looking to my left to see Krystal not with Clark.

He on the other hand was headed to our room which meant he was pretty tired. I scanned the area to find Krystal surprisingly with Corin. They were whispering. I scrunched up my face in disgust and was even more surprised to see them eye me for a second and walk away.

My jaw dropped.

Were they planning something those wenches? Oh god the idea infuriated me. If something happens at the games tomorrow...

I don't even want to think about it.

Pretending I didn't see the look Corin and Krystal gave me I got up and swirled to my left. I walked forward to see one of the forbidden doors to go through, open. The little girl on the yellow team with her partner came through with what looked like a white guard. A big guy with a face that was shadowed by the hat he was wearing.

The gaurd wore all white with a mask covering his nose and mouth. Who knew if they even had one, they looked like robots anyway. The little girl from the yellow team who I soon found out her name was Ruby walked in looking quite happy with herself.

I smiled softly at her smug expression and walked up to her. She looked surprised and slightly cautious, but my smile seemed to visibly calm her.

"Congrats!" I grinned.

"Thank you," she bowed.

"Oh," I bowed back. "You're welcome."

She grinned back looking even happier then before. I decided her baby face in that moment. Ruby had creamy skin with long silky black hair. She had small round eyes with pitch black pupils that mimicked the night sky. She was very slender; Her yellow jumpsuit barely fitting her from the last game we had. However right now she was in a pretty almost pageant type of dress they put her in for the interview.

"If you'll excuse me ladies," Ruby's teammate lifted his cowboy hat slightly and walked away to wherever.

"You're.... Venus, right?" Ruby asked nervously.

"Yeah," I blinked surprised. "You know me?"

"Well... This is the love game, you know your opponents." She giggled.

I blushed embarrassed and laughed along with her bluntness. "That's right," I nodded. "And you're Ruby?"

"The only one named Ruby here," She nodded proud.

"How old are you?" I asked abruptly.

"Thirteen," She shyly answered.

"So young..." I gasped shocked.

"I know," she sarcastically agreed with a mischievous grin.

"Where do you come from?"

"I'm Vietnamese, but lived in the states since I was three."

"The states?" I raised my eyebrows. "Cool."

"You're Canadian, right?"

"Wow," I snorted.

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