Chapter 3

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Pic of Dominic up top!

It had been three days, and I hadn't heard a thing.

Three fucking days of nothing but waiting by the phone, cutting out newspaper ads, and ignoring my shithead of a mother as best I could.

The only silver lining was the money I was saving being home these last three days and not having to pay for Charlotte to go to daycare. I got the spend some real, quality time, playing hide and seek, drawing, and throwing pretend parties and extravagant balls with my sister and in lieu of all of the turmoil accumulating in my life over the last week, these moments with her were some of the best I had had in a while.

That was, until my phone rang on the third day in the middle of making lunch for Charlotte.

"Hello?" I answered as I flipped Charlotte's grilled cheese sandwich in the pan.

"Hi! Is this Katarina Sanders?" A frantic male voice spoke.

"Depends on who's asking."

"It's Dominic Reed from the interview a few days go."

Dominic? The name doesn't sound familiar.

"Dominic..I-Oh! Heather's husband?" I asked as the pieces fell together in my slightly scrambled brain.

This has got to be it.

"Unfortunately," I heard him mumbled from the other side of the phone.

"Yes. Maya's father and I, I sort of need a huge favor if you can manage."

"Yeah, sure." Shutting off the stove, I shoveled Charlotte's steaming sandwich onto a paper plate.

"So, we actually hired another nanny," he began.

The sensation of disappointment washed throughout my body as my lips dipped into a prominent pout. "Oh..."

"But she fell through this morning and now my wife refuses to come home and is planning on staying over night in another town for work and I'm late to work myself and you were my personal first choice so do you think there is any way you could manage to be over here in the next 20 minutes and stay until I get home from work around 9pm?"

"Umm..." My thoughts were in disarray as my eyes scattered through our tiny living room and settled their sights on Charlotte, playing quietly in the corner by herself.

Our mother was in her bedroom, probably sleeping since it was still early afternoon and she never usually made an appearance until after 2pm.

I can't leave Charlotte alone...

But I also can't pass up this opportunity to get some money and maybe get my foot in the door for this job and kick this other chick out.

"Ms. Sanders, I don't mean to rush, but I need your answer soon." Dominic's voice broke out on the other side of my phone, startling me briefly from my rapid, conflicting thoughts.

"Yeah, uh..."


"I'll make it work."

A sigh of relief hit my ears.

"Perfect. Okay, so 20 minutes. I'll see you then, Ms. Sanders."

Within the next 7 minutes, I had tore through the house getting myself ready and had managed to snag up Mrs. Sharon to come and pick up Charlotte and take her back to her place until I got home later tonight.

With Charlotte taken care of, I was out of the house and on my way within 12 minutes flat.

It took me 18 minutes to drive to their house the first time but I knew I was on a time crunch. Plus, who really stops for stop signs anyway?

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