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Disclaimer: I do not own anything from The Hunger Games trilogy all rights go to Suzanne Collins. I do however own Quinn and her story.

"Be careful there's a force field out there." Peeta laughed through laboured breaths as Katniss kissed him and wiped her tears.

Seeing that he was alright, Quinn moved to help Mags to her feet before she surveyed the area. She looked at the pair from District 12 as they hugged and kissed each other and after a moment or two she rolled her eyes.

"Come on. We need to keep moving. Find water or something." She huffed impatiently, only to be nudged in the ribs by Finnick. "What?" She whispered to him as she shrugged her shoulders.

He looked at her, amused at her lack of consideration for the two lovebirds. His eyes lingered on her as she stared at the two and huffed again before returning her icy gaze back to his smirk of amusement.

"Shut up." She muttered and wandered off ahead of the group. Her mind wandered to her previous actions. Quinn was getting soft; she had purposely saved another tribute's life on national television and it didn't benefit her in the slightest. She rolled her eyes as her mind battled with her heart and her humanity battled with her demons. The internal battles were something Quinn had grown used to but being in such a close situation with a group of people she was expected to help, intensified them greatly.

The victor from 5 soon stopped and stood with her hands on her hips waiting until her allies caught up with her. She elected to walk at the rear of the group as Katniss took the front and threw nuts at the force field to prevent another electrocution. She looked around her, almost appreciating the quiet forest but it was far too hot. Sweat beaded on her forehead and matted her dirty blonde hair, her body suit clung too tight making her claustrophobic as she traipsed behind Finnick who was guiding Mags. Boredom soon became a friend of Quinn's; she was in The Hunger Games and she had barely killed a soul, in fact all she had done was follow Katniss like a sheep, a spare part and it was getting on her every last nerve. So when the girl from 12 told the group to wait, she received a sarcastic salute from her ally who thumped herself down onto the ground. Electing to ignore the girl, Katniss climbed up the nearest tree to examine the force field and look for a source of water.

Quinn sat ripping the leaves off of a stick as Mags sat down beside her. She raised her eyebrows in shock as the old woman wrapped her hands around one of her grazed ones and smiled gently. The girl was irritable beyond explanation but she never ripped her hand away and even surprised herself by smiling softly in return.

"How we doing, cranky?" Finnick grinned as he sat across from the butt of his joke, ensuring that he was out with slapping distance.

"I will kill you." Quinn muttered in return as she threw a stick at him and bit the inside of her cheeks as she fought a smile and looked away from his eyes, in fear that she might blush. So much for staying away from him. She went back to plucking leaves from the ground, occasionally running a hand through her hair to push the strays away. She felt the stares of both District 4 victors but chose to ignore them for another minute or two. Her thoughts wandered to Johanna, if she knew the woman half as well as she thought she did then she knew that she was still alive out there and a part of her secretly hoped that they would run into one another soon; she missed the company of people that didn't expect her to care, didn't expect humanity. Quinn knew that the victor who sat in front of her accepted her any way that she wished to present herself but she still felt a strong pressure to be a good person for him and as for Katniss, Quinn was 100% sure that judgemental was her middle name and there was never any doubt in her mind that Peeta was too good for this world. She sighed: "What's her highness doing anyway?" as she stood, frowning slightly as she realised that she had subconsciously helped Mags to her feet. She was definitely going soft.