Chapter 25

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Aphmau POV

Me and Ross walk in to the living room to see Red with a duffel bag.

"Where are you going Red?" I ask. He turns around to look at me before speaking.

"I'm going to go and get Pink, Yellow and Blue. Maybe the others if they want to join. Wanna come Jess?" He asks. I nod before summoning my own duffel bag. Me and the Vacktors are really good friends.

"Where did the bag come from?" Max asks me. "We weren't planning to go on another trip were we?" He turns to Jin who shakes his head. He turns back to me to see me not there. While nobody was looking, I turned my garland into an invisibility cloak. He doesn't need to know that I was sneaking out to get-

"Jess. Let's go!" Red says before dragging me with him. Only he could see me since I had the cloak hanging in front of me and he was behind. I turn the cloak into a dinosaur hoodie. It's a red and blue one since I didn't want to get purple. We will never speak of Purple. He's a mean person.

"Let's go then." I turn and start to drag him instead. As soon as we are finally outside of the house, I feel something small jump on my shoulder. It was Boomy.

"Jess... There's a creeper on your shoulder." Red says slowly. I just pet Boomy on the head before carrying him in my arms. "That's not what you're meant to do when there's a creeper."

"He's my pet. Red meet Boomy. Boomy meet Red." I say.

"Hi Boomy. Why haven't I seen you around?" Red asks, taking Boomy out of my hands.

"Jin kept me in his room so I wouldn't startle anybody." Boomy hisses. Red takes it as something bad so he has a scared look.

"He just said he was kept in Jin's room. Nothing to be scared about. He won't shoot fireballs at you." I say before taking Boomy out of Reds arms. "So how do we get to your house?" I ask.

"We aren't going to my house. We are meeting up with them at MyStreet. Do you know that place?" He asks me as we keep walking. I nod.

"I use to live their for about three years. That's where I met Katelyn and Cadenza." I explain to him.

"Why don't we fly there?" Boomy asks.

"We Red can't fly." I simply say. Suddenly, he jumps out of my arm and shakes his entire body side to side. Two rings fall off of him. Two Angel rings to be exact.

"I stole Cadenza's and Castors." I fall to the floor, laughing. Red is giving me a weird look.

"Boomy stole Castors and Cadenza's ability to fly so that we could." I say to him before standing up and putting the ring on his finger. He sprouts dragon wings.

"I have dragon wings! This is so cool!" I put on Cadenza's ring and grow a pair of Angel wings. The wings from my Irene form.

"Let's fly then. It's a four hour flight even with the wings. It's nearly half way across the world. We are gonna get major jet lag." I say to him before flying up into the air with Boomy in my dinosaur hood which is down right now.

"This is going to be so fun. I'm going to beat you!" He says before flying off. I speed past him. "How are you so fast? Cheater!" I stick my tongue out at him.

"I've been flying since I was 16. I'm just skilled. Now let's go!" I shout at him before flying again. Soon, four hours pass by of us two singing very loudly and annoying everybody who we fly over and Boomy. He ended up falling asleep.

"We are finally here!" We both land on the room of the guys house. Kawaii-Chan would probably still be asleep and I don't want to wake her up since it's 11am. She gets scary when she is awaken.

"Where do you think your siblings are?" I ask. He takes his phone out.

"They should be here in a few hours. We came earlier than we were meant to. What can we do until then?" He asks. I take Boomy out of my hood before putting the hood over my head.

"I have some fri-" before I could finish, I am cut off by a familiar voice.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" He pins me down on the roof. Travis pins Red down.

"Ouch! I thought you treated ladies with respect, being the Casanova you are." I say, trying to take the hoodie off of my face. I succeed. I see Batman on top of me. The Flash is on top of Red. I kick Laurence off of me. Bad idea. It still hurts.

"Jess? What are you doing here?" Travis asks, getting off of Red. I help Red up while Boomy starts to wake up.

"I have a few friends visiting here since they wanted to join me on my holiday." I explain to him as Laurence climbs back onto the roof. Oops. They both take their suits off.

"Come inside then. The other two are still in bed. Want me to wake them?" Laurence asks as he jumps back down from the roof. I look down to see the far distance. I'm not jumping that. Neither is Red. We are both also tired to fly. Travis jumps down next and turns to look at us.

"Aren't you going to jump down?" Travis asks. I give him a look.

"Look at my leg. Do you think I can jump down a two story house with a person with no super powers?" They both come back on the roof and throw us over their shoulders before jumping back down and putting us down on the floor. I limp into the house or try to before Red puts my arm around his shoulder.

"Garroth! Dante! We have visitors!" Travis says. Soon, they come down the stairs.

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