She's your sister!

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Draco and Gemini returned to Hogwarts over the next week. They did well to keep their relationship under the wraps but they came close to blowing their cover a handful of times.

The first time they had gotten detention and had arrived to the Potions class early. Severus wasn't anywhere around so they moved close to each other. Gemini had her back to a desk and Draco was leaning up against her with his arms around her waist. The door opened and they had managed to put a few inches of space between them before Draco slid casually to the left and grabbed his bag from the desk as if he was doing that from the start. Severus stopped in his tracks momentarily before he continued on.

The second time they had been in the common room alone and decided to have a bit of a dry hump session when the entrance opened up. Thinking quickly Gemini used a illusion charm to cast herself invisible and moved off of Draco and across the room. Zabini took one look at Draco and saw a weird expression on his face.

"What's wrong with you?" he asked.

"Nothing I just tripped and fell down the stairs a minute ago, I'm in pain you idiot." he snapped quickly.

Undoing the illusion charm Gemini laughed. "Yeah you should have been there, it was classic." she spoke announcing her presence by the fire place.

Draco looked to Gemini before she winked.

The third time Gemini had managed to find a way to get past the charms in the boys dormitory by temporary drinking a potion of testosterone. It gave her a little over 10 seconds to get over the threshold and into the room. Though the side affects was her growing hair in weird places. A simple hair removal charm did the trick and righted her back to normal. After 10 minutes to themselves on Draco's bed they heard several male voices coming up the stairs and once again the illusion charm was used.

Draco and Gemini had snuck into one of the hidden tunnels that led to Honey Dukes. This was only known to a pair of students, Fred and George Weasley. They were in the tunnel making love to one another when they heard footsteps. Wrapping their cloaks around there bodies they turned there wand upon the student.

"Harry?" Gemini spoke

"Potter" Draco spat. "What are you doing here?"

"I was going to the Three Broomsticks"

"Isn't that against the rules?" Draco hissed.

"Well yeah but, hey what are you doing here?" Harry lowered his wants to the ground and saw their clothes strewn everywhere. His eyes widened. "You guys were having sex."

"So, that is none of your business scar face."

"She's your sister!"

Draco and Gemini exchanged glances. Gemini and Draco had been thinking along the lines of the same thing. Sure they posed as sibling and wanted it kept that way but they didn't want to have other people thinking they were committing incest.

"We should tell him Draco" Gemini whispered. He nodded his head.

"Gemini isn't my real sister, she is..." Draco searched his mind for the right words. "She is adopted. My family brought her in and changed her name and everything to protect her."

"From what?" Harry asked.

"Now that isn't any of your business is it?" Draco spat. "Oh and just remember, you open your mouth about anything that you saw or heard in this tunnel I will just let slip that you have been sneaking out of the grounds to Hogsmead."

"Thats blackmail"

"I'm a Malfoy, be lucky I haven't cursed your nosey arse by now." Draco grabbed his arm and pushed him towards the entrance to Honey Dukes. "Go on with yourself." he snapped and watched as Harry disappeared into the cellar.

Gemini grabbed her clothes and the two began dressing before they headed back to the castle.

"Do you think he will tell?" Gemini asked.

Draco narrowed his eyes before he chuckled to himself. "No, he is too smart and he values his life."

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