Hiccup x reader (HTTYD)

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Done. That was the one word to explain your feeling right now.
The twins had just SOAKED you with a bucket of water as a prank. Yay you.

Absolutely done with the gang, you walked out on them, and went home where you dried off and lounged around in your pyjamas for the rest of the day.

Once it was night time, you decided to sit on your roof and star gaze for a while.

Clambering onto your roof with a blanket in your hand, you pulled yourself onto the roof and tumbling into the middle of the roof.

You wrapped yourself up in a blanket and looked out at the quiet village surrounded by black inky sky with very few lights shining from the little wooden huts that inhabited the village.

You sighed, sometimes you wish you could fly so far you were in a different world, you could explore for days before coming home and do what you want.

You've only ever explored like that once, with Hiccup but lately he's been spacing himself from you, you didn't know why but it made you kinda sad.

You were both so close before and what happened? Did you do something wrong? It all made no sense to you, maybe the friendship flame was going out? But... That means... You'd never have a chance with him...

You had always liked Hiccup, it'd been so long since he first spoke to you and yet it feels like yesterday.

The first time you met, he was 7 and crying because he was getting bullied by the gang, once they all became friends an few months ago, he had really been spacing away from you, it all made no sense...

You looked down at your wrist where you saw that green friendship band you both made when you were 8, you hadn't taken it off since.

Friends, that's all you'll ever be to him.

It saddens you a lot to know that.

You started back out over the village, turning to look at the nearby ocean.

With a sigh, you hung you feet off the edge of the roof, unknowingly almost hitting someone underneath as they stayed quiet to listen.

"I wish I could tell him, but he has a crush on Astrid" you mumbled to yourself "I'll just be rejected..."

That person under your feet started to get curious as you spoke.

"I'll only ever be a friend to him, I don't stand a chance anyway, all the other girls our age are so much smarter and better looking than me, I'm just invisible to everyone"

Completely oblivious, the person beneath your feet started to quietly climb onto the roof behind you.

"Even if I did confess he wouldn't pick me...I'm just nothing"

You hung your head in sadness, tears starting to form in your eyes.

"But you're everything to me..."

Whipping your head around you instantly saw the man himself, Hiccup.

"(Y/n)... W-who ever it is.. I-I'm sure he likes you..." He said with a sad crack of the voice.

"He doesn't" you sighed.

"H-how do you know? I-I could talk to him..."

"Just talk to yourself-" you cut yourself off with a hand slapped over your mouth.


Hiccup had a shocked smile on his face as he started at you with a blush pained over his cheeks.

"I-I mean- like- but... No wait I-"

You were cut by two hands around your waist, pulling you toward him and lips smashed into yours.

Shocked at his action, you stared wide eyed before getting used to it and melting into the kiss, your arms making their way around Hiccups neck.

This lasted until the need for air got the better of you.

He slowly broke the kiss and smiled at your mush, shocked state and the pink dusted over you cheeks.

"I love you too"

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