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*August 2017 update, I wrote this before I WENT to San Francisco, and it turns out, it's much more gorgeous than anything I've imagined, so...*

"Hey, get out of Lala-Land!" Ester shouted at me, snapping me out of daydream. "Are you on drugs?"

She forced a plate into my hands and I looked around for a few seconds, trying to remember who it belonged to. "Um, no," I murmured.

"Teenagers these days. Stare into absolute space." She grabbed my shoulders and turned me in the right directions towards a lone man, sitting at a table reading a book. He had a cup of coffee at his side, the steam rising from it. Hot coffee in this place was a privilege. Wonder how he got so lucky.

"Right," I said, ignoring her comment. I did that a lot lately because I didn't have the courage or strength to defend myself. If I did defend myself I'd be fighting for hours. I quickly walked the plate over to the man and set it down, trying to remember how to smile at the same time, but it came out as a grimace. The man glanced at the plate of pancakes, inspecting it for flaws as I tried to take a peek at his book.

"It's a little early for jelly stains, isn't it?" He asked, looking at my shirt. I glanced down at my blouse, my face burning red.

"Oh, I'm not sure when that happened." Seven words I had said and it broke my record of most words spoken to an attractive man. He had a crooked smile and long brown hair pulled into a messy bun. I'm pretty sure he identified as a hipster, which I firmly opposed, but hot was hot. "Are you reading Brain On Fire?"

The man turned over his book and showed the cover. I was right. "Have you read it?" He asked, his eyebrows raising a bit.

"I read it over the summer. I loved it. It's inspiring at the same times it's horrendous." I said, running my fingers over my apron to keep my hands busy.

"It's hard to find a girl who reads." He shrugged, his interest more on me than the books. The bell over the door to the diner dinged and I glanced up to see an awkward looking man walk in. He slipped into a seat and I wished that maybe he didn't show up. I wanted to keep talking to the cute bookworm.

"We're usually hiding in places like this." I give a sheepish smile. Or was it a grimace?

"That's a shame. You guys should get out more." He smiled and I felt my heart increase in speed.

"Customer, Thisbee!" Ester screamed, her voice cracking in several places due to her smoking addiction.

"Okay," I mumbled.

"Your name is Thisbee? Was that in a book?" The hipster man asked.

"My father was very poetic," I shrugged with a grin This only made his smile grow wider. "I gotta get going."


I bit my lip and wished I could stay and get lost in his brown eyes. Maybe sit with him and no talk about more books, but some point or another I would mess something up between us. This was for the best. I walked away, glancing over my shoulder at him.

A man with and grey beanie looked up at me. He had blue eyes almost grey and I wondered for a second how it was possible to have eyes that color. Pointless facts about people with blue eyes began to get my wheels turning, but I lost my train of thought. "Hi?" He said, raising his blond eyebrows.

I blinked hard before figuring out what I was suppose to be doing. "Hi, I'm Thisbee and I'll be your server." I greeted him

"Can I get a coffee and french toast please?"

I shook off my mistake and wrote down his order. "Anything else?"

"Yes," he said, scratching the orange facial hair growing on his chin. "For the love of god, can you asked them to put sugar in the egg mixture. Have you ever eaten bread fried in egg? It's dreadful."

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