Author's Note: Dirty Chapters

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Dear Reader,

Originally, I'd planned to write Fade-to-Black sex scenes for this book. You know, teen characters and all.

Alas, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Because I ended up writing out the explicit details anyway, I thought I'd post them as private chapters for those who may be interested.

To access them, please follow me and reload the book (you might have to sign in and out) Everything mature will be marked [MATURE].

Troubleshooting tip from Wattpad
1. Remove my book from your library, then add it again

Also, please, be of a reasonable age.

Plot related chapters will have two versions, one for general audiences and another for my fellow voyeurs who enjoy reading and writing about the sex lives of fictional peoples.

The following chapter (Chapter 48) is the first of these chapters. So if you like it dirty, follow and refresh before moving on.

You do NOT need to read both versions of the chapter. The general version is exactly the same thing with the NSFW bits deleted out.

Other chapters will be plot-less vignettes of Sexy Times. Whenever these are available, I will leave an Author's note indicating their existence. General readers won't miss anything by skipping these.

That being said, none of it will be smutty because, again, teen characters. They fit the tone and style of the story but they do contain more detail than Wattpad guidelines allow for a book intended for general audiences.

Respectfully Yours,

Margaret Hahn,

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