45. Satan's Ride

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Charlotte and Kylie linked their arms together and giggled

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Charlotte and Kylie linked their arms together and giggled. Kylie glanced over her shoulder to smirk at me, but Charlotte, she didn't even spare me a second glance before they walked away.

My blood boiled in a wrath of biblical proportions. It was a miracle that my rage didn't short circuit the arena's electrical supply or make Charlotte and Kylie's heads explode, splattering their putrid contents all over the hay strewn floor.

I despised them.

No, that wasn't true. Kylie was bullshit, a simple, cruel little creature. But she was dumb as fuck, meaner than a snake, and as ugly as sin, an unholy trifecta that guaranteed she'd end up Forever Alone. She was laughable, a mere annoyance, and without Charlotte, nothing she could ever do could hurt me. Fuck Kylie, Karma would take care of her.

But Charlotte.

Charlotte was dangerous. She led such a privileged and sheltered life, never wanting for anything. I had nothing and yet she wanted to tear me down until I was hopeless and helpless, begging her to stop. For what? For her entertainment.

Well, she'd gone and pushed too far. At this point I wasn't beyond hiding behind a dumpster with a baseball bat, waiting to jump her.

Did she think she was bad? I would show her bad.

She'd live to regret this.

But first, I wanted the crown.

"Jake," I said, still staring daggers at the back of Charlotte's head. "I'm gonna ride Satan."

Jake was in the holding pen adjacent to the stall that Beth and I were in. Behind him, Satan was in a frenzy, pacing back and forth in his profound agitation. Wild. Angry. Trapped. Every once in a while, he'd make an unearthly roaring sound, primal and ancient, similar to something I'd imagine dinosaurs or dragons would make.

It made the skin on my entire body itch, like a million fire ants were skittering over me.

Jake grinned.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Don't even try to tell me no."

"I wouldn't dream of it," he said.

Wide eyed, Beth looked from Jake to me, then back at him again. "You guys can't be serious. You can't ride Satan," she said, her attention snapping back to me. "They couldn't even get him to calm down enough to move him back to the stables- you'll get yourself killed!"

"You forget who you're talking to," I told her with a wink. "I'm Clint Danner's girl, remember?" I started unbuttoning the cumbersome skirt. Not even daddy could manage what I would attempt in a dress like this.

"Jake, you've got to stop her. She's lost her mind. I don't care if you have to haul her out of here by the hair, you stop her right this minute!"

"She can do it Bethie. I've seen her ride."

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