Chapter 36: Familiar Faces

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Ethan and I stayed up in the tree house for a while. We would talk, then eat, then make out like crazy teenagers, then talk, then eat, then make out again. It was hard not to give him, and frankly, I wasn't sure it I could keep fighting the bond much longer.

Ethan was a good man.

Never once did he even make a move near my neck; not a kiss or a look that made my wolf want to take his throat like she had wanted to with others. For that my beast and I liked him more, he was a male that knew that forcing me was not the way to win me.

We eventually left though, and when he brought me home he asked me if he could see me again in a nervous boyish manner that made my heart flutter. Andrea and Evan were in the cabin with my vampires when I walked in, and I immediately wanted to die of mortification.

"Well, little sister, where have you been?" Evan teased as he ate a fresh cookie.

My stomach rumbled. The one good thing about being a werewolf was getting to practically eat whatever you wanted because we burned so many damn calories a day. I took a cookie and sat next to Andrea who had an amused smirk on her face. "Ethan took me to your tree house," I said between bites.

Evan almost choked and looked at me with wide eyes. "What?"

I looked between Derek and Elliot who were watching Evan amusingly. I look back at Evan after I took another bite of the peanut butter cookie and cocked my head curiously. "The tree house? The one with the platform above it?"

Evan took a long drink of his beer then leaned back on the counter a little shocked. "He must have it bad, he never goes out there with anyone."

"What? I mean it looks used. I like the lights by the way," I added teasingly.

Evan smiled then picked at the cookie. "No Char, like he barely goes out there with me. I mean he goes, but always by himself. Usually, it's Ryder, Jake, and I out there."

I sat back on the counter while Andrea looked over at me a little intriguingly. "Why? I mean..."

Evan sighed and looked down at the cookie. I hated seeing him like this, seeing him remember a memory that saddened him. It made my wolf ache for him, for our brother. "He and Eli used to go out there all the time. Ethan used to follow Eli around like he was his damn shadow, drove Eli crazy but he really didn't care. They were attached at the hip.

"I guess it just reminds him too much of Eli. He only goes by himself and when he does it's for a few days."

I sucked in a breath and nodded while Andrea gave me a half smile then took a sip of her wine. "Well, do you want to start training tomorrow Char? I told my dad and he said he may pop in if he can? I was thinking that we could run first and then swim sometime in the afternoon?"

I cocked my brow at her, "Swim?"

She chuckled into her drink. "My dad knew Levi's father. He trained a lot with them with when they were all younger, which means he loved to make me pull him in a boat loaded up with beer when I was young."

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