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Take My Hand Epilogue

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Six Months Later

            Kaleo was in the gym in the basement of the coven’s new compound, vigorously attacking the punching bag, taking out his frustrations on the swinging pendulum. He was bare-handed, wearing only a pair of blue athletic shorts, as he punched and kicked the bag.

            “Angry are we?”

            Kaleo looked up to see to whom the voice belonged. Jocelyn was standing in the doorway of the gym, a smirk on her face above her folded arms. She was wearing jeans, so Kaleo knew she wasn’t there to work out. He was distracted by her calling out to him, however, so he wasn’t paying attention as the bag came back around and hit him in the stomach. He grunted and grabbed the bag, stopping its forceful swinging. Jocelyn giggled at him as she came forward.

            “I’m not angry.”

            “Tell that to the punching bag.”

            Kaleo gave her a droll look.

            “Who pissed you off?” she asked.

            “No one.”

            “I’m a therapist, Kaleo. You know I won’t leave you alone until you tell me.”

            “You’re a nuisance, that’s what you are.”

            “You love me, and you know it,” she shot back with a brilliant smirk. “Who or what is the object of your fury, Kaleo?”

            Kaleo sighed and moved to lean against the wall on the other side of the room from Jocelyn. He stared at the floor, watching as Jocelyn’s feet appeared in his line of sight.

            “Carson…” the rest of his words trailed off into a mumble that would be impossible to distinguish.

            “Ah, so my mate was involved. I am not surprised. What has he done?”

            “I kicked his ass this morning in hand to hand,” a voice intoned.

            Kaleo looked up to see Carson with his arms wrapped around his mate from behind, his chin sitting on her shoulder as he smirked at Kaleo.

            “You cheated!” Kaleo shouted.

            “I did no such thing, and you know it. You were distracted, Kaleo.”

            Kaleo scowled back, unwilling to admit that Carson was right. Besides Carson, Kaleo was the best at hand to hand combat. Usually, he and Carson were well matched, but Carson was justified in saying he was distracted this morning. His mind had been preoccupied with plans for his and Karayan’s anniversary. He would never admit, of course, that his mind had been on something so ridiculous while practicing, but it was true nonetheless. Now he was bitter that he’d been beaten. He’d well and thoroughly had his ass kicked, and, frankly, he might as well have been pouting.

            “Oh, Kaleo, just challenge him to a rematch and soundly beat him to regain your honor,” Jocelyn joked.

            “You are supposed to be on my side,” Carson protested.

            “I am, love! Kaleo’s beating you would teach you humility, which is in your best interest, darling,” she told him with a cheeky smile.

            Carson rolled his eyes. “I’m humble.”

            Kaleo barked out a laugh before he could stop himself. “Hardly.”

            “Very well, a rematch it is. Tomorrow,” Carson dared.

            Kaleo just smiled and shook his head before turning to walk toward the showers in the back of the gym. He could hear Jocelyn and Carson laughing and murmuring to each other after he’d left, but he knew it was flirtatious banter rather than anything to do with him. The two of them were incredibly happy together, and Kaleo couldn’t envy them. He and Karayan had quite a love story of their own, and he could only love her more as time went by. Again he smiled as he continued to plan for their anniversary tonight.

            Carson watched Kaleo walk away with a smile, proud to be able to claim the beautiful woman in his arms who had managed to sweep away Kaleo’s embarrassment and bitterness so easily. He was quite certain that Kaleo had left with all masculine dignity intact and without an ounce of awareness that Jo had just managed to disarm and appease him.

            “Thank you,” he told her.

            “For what?”

            “For what you did with Kaleo.”

            “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

            “Oh yes you do, Jocelyn Aaliyah Madison.”

            “Whatever you say, Gabriel Brayden Carson,” she mocked.

            He couldn’t help but laugh at her before he turned somber again. “He’s been on edge lately.”

            “I know. Everyone has. They’re anxious to have a purpose, Gabriel.”

            He sighed. “I know. And they will soon. I’ve been tracking, Jo, and I’m bound to find the coven soon.”

            “I know, and they know that too. They just aren’t used to having so much free time.”

            He nodded in acknowledgement before changing the subject. “Speaking of free time, how are wedding plans coming, my beautiful bride?”

            “Hmm, they’re coming along rather nicely I think.”

            “You don’t intend to share?”

            “Only the necessities, darling, only the necessities,” Jo said, smirking up at him mischievously.

            “Very well, I will simply go mad from anticipation then.”

            “You will do no such thing. Don’t be melodramatic.”

            “Me? I’m never dramatic.”

            “No, of course not, baby. What was I thinking? You’re level of drama can only be equal to your humility, my darling,” she returned, patronizingly patting his cheek before she laughed and ran away from him, knowing full well he would give chase until he had caught her.


That's the end of book one! I really hope you've enjoyed Jocelyn and Carson's story, and I'm so glad you stuck with it to the end! I'm sad that the book is finished, but I'm really excited to continue all of the warriors' stories at a later date. By the way, can anyone think of a name for the coven? I've been playing with a few names but I thought I would get your input before I decide. Thanks guys! Love you all! :) And the last picture is Rayne. :) If you haven't and you enjoyed the story, please vote for the chapters and follow! It really means a lot to me!

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