Back to school

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I sit on my suitcase waiting for them to arrive creepily staring at Pettigrew further down the station . I suspect that when they arrive Prongs and Padfoot will probably be saying that they were 'Fashionably late'. Remus comes up behind me.

"Hey have you seen James and Sirius?" He asks.

"No!I was hoping you had."The train pulls into the station."Oh God there going to miss the train." Suddenly I feel a pair of hands pushing me forward and  I almost land on my face."JAMES POTTER!"

"Oh come on,we have to get on the train come on."

"I really hate you sometimes James."

 We get on the train and get to school to watch the sorting, with some boy called Gilderoy Lockhart joining my house. We eat the feast and I introduce myself to him. He seems obnoxious  but not half as arrogant as Prongs. I see Remus looking at me his eyes showing fear beyond the happiness of his smile and the rest of his face. The Marauders and I all know what it means, that beyond the jokes and laughs of the year, some days we might be seriously wounded or worse whilst we protect Moony, whilst we protect Remus.

Whilst we protect our friend.

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