The Archer and The Spy (Clintasha fan fiction)

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I read my papers that Agent Hill had handed me. I read what we had of this so called 'Black Widow'. I'd heard of her before. She had a knack for pistols. She was Russain and that's all we knew. Nasty people right ther. Anyone who had met her, was killed before they could tell others of her whereabouts.

"When do I go?" I asked.

"Now." Fury ordered. "While you're in Hungary, keep your eyes open for their mafia."

"Yes sir." I said as I walked out of the room. Great. I had to deal with a Russian chick and a fucking mafia. Great. They probably had all their guns and shit. Both groups. I had a bow and arrows. I could take them out. I'm Hawkeye.


I knew the were coming for me. I could feel it. I was currently located in Budapest. The Russian officials put me here to keep an eye on Budapest's nuclear power plants. I wasn't completely bad, I helped people. Sometimes. I was wearing a black, tight dress that came up to my middle thigh. There was a cut in the side that went all the way up my leg. Under the dress, was my pistol and knife. There was a dark red belt that went across my waistline. My heels were black at the soul with red straps. The dress top was very revealing to my boobs. My red hair was curled, as usual, and hung past my shoulders. I took my seat at the table I was told to go at. I had received a letter yesterday. Someone wanted to meet me here. I didn't know who. I was bound to find out. I had my pistols with me. If they meant trouble, I'd be the one to walk away from the fight. I'm Black Widow.


I walked out on to the street corner. The little diner where I was supposed to meet her was on the same corner. I walked into the place and went to the table. A woman sat there. She had long, curly red hair that hung in ringlets around her face. She had a short dress with a slit up the side. Her legs were tanned. The dress she wore was very revealing. She looked around when her eyes met mine. This was going to be tough.

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