Chance's POV:

"Guys, be silent" I whispered. Max was singing.  Jason and Mason was trying to shush him. Good thing at least Ace was silent.

I kneeled near the end of the park. Here it is. I moved few tree leaves out of my way and looked around. Finally everybody was silent and we looked around.

There were 2 guards who was speaking with each other but they was far from us. They can't see us.  I moved to the front to get a better look of the  house.

"So, Blaine's room is the one in the upstairs with big windows." I pointed to his window. We can easily see it from here.

Suddenly the 2 guards who was standing in the other side began to move closer to us. We quickly backed away to the park and kneeled to the ground.

"Hey, boss said that we're gonna attack that girls house. The girl that's his step-sister or something" The one with black hair said.

Wait, I am Blaine's step-sister.

I turned to look at guys and they were shocked as well.

"Yeah, I heard that. He want to kidnap her from the house. I don't know why but when we are speaking about her he is always angry" blonde one said. Black hair looked around and turned back to blonde.

"Shush it. He is still angry and drunk. I don't think you will want to die today. " black one said.

Blonde rolled his eyes. "We have 1 more months and then we can go back to home" they both sighed and walked back.

I looked  to the front until they disappeared from the view.  Then I turned around to look at guys and motioned them to walk back.

"What the fuck is happening?"
Max said and waved his hands around.  We all looked at him and shook our heads.

"Welll good thing we know that this guard dogs will be gone in 1 month. Bad thing in this one month Blaine will try to kidnap Chance" Ace said and looked at me.

I moved my hand throw my hair. "What should I  do now?" I asked Ace.

"He is gonna try to kidnap you from your house right? So, if you won't be there he will not kidnap you. And we must go everywhere with you. So, you won't be unprotected."  Ace said.

"Who said I am unprotected?" I said to them and showed my gun that was in my waist band. And my knife that was in my boots.

"Holly shit, you are dangerous!" Max said and put his hands to his face. I smirked and others chuckled.

I looked at my phone to check up on the time. "So, it is 1:15 AM. I will get to my house and pack few of my things to live in the hotel" I said and looked at guys.

"You know he can find you in there too. So you are gonna live with us for a time" Mason said. 

He is right  you know.

Yeah I know but if I live there I will put them in danger.  I shook my head. "But I-"  I began but Ace cut me off.

"No 'but's and 'or's you are living with us and it is final. " he said and narrowed his eyes at me. I sighed and nodded.

We began to walk to our cars and walked out of the park.  Me and Ace sat at the car and he started the engine.

"Stop with bitting your lips. It is all going to be fine" Ace said and continue to drive car.

"And how do you even see it? I think your attention must be on the road" I asked him and he smirked.

"I can do it all at the same time"  I huffed and looked at him.  "Your ego is killing me" I said dramatically and we laughed.

Ace parked his car and we got out. I opened the door to my house.  I switch on the lights and went to my room.

I yawned and packed things that I will need. At the end it was just  1 duffle bag. You  can say that I don't need many things.

I dropped my bag to the floor and Ace looked at me  from his phone. "That's all?" He asked confused. I nodded and dragged him out of the house.

"Yeah It is and I want to sleep so hurry up." I took my bag and locked the door.

Ace smirked at me and opened the car door for me so I can sit. I sat and threw my bag to the back seat.

"When I am gonna attack Blaine I will made sure that he won't come back." I sighed. Ace looked at me and then back at the road.

"Yeah, we all will made sure of that. I just want to kill him right now" Ace said and gripped steering wheel hard.

"Relax, we will kill him, some day." I said and snuggled to my sit.  I yawned and out my arms around myself.

"Hey, stay awake I am not gonna carry you to the house" Ace said playfully and I chuckled.Ace parked the car and we both get out. I took my bag and entered the house. 

"So, where I am gonna sleep?" I asked Ace when he locked the door.  Everybody was asleep, so I was speaking quiet.   Ace looked at me and grinned. "You are gonna sleep in my room." he said happily. I chuckled and moved forward then stopped. 

"Show me the way or.... I am gonna just pass out here" I yawned and said. He yawned too and began to walk. We walked to the 2nd floor and entered the last room in the hallway. 

Ace closed the door behind him and I dropped my bag to the ground. I looked  around the room and find thr door to the bathroom.

I get my clothes from my back pack and entered the bathroom. I locked the door after me and changed to the black shirt and shorts.

I opened the door and went back to  the room I put my other clothes to thw bag and then dropped myself to the bed.

Ace chuckled and dropped himself on the bed too. I moved to my side and snuggled to the cover of the bed and imediately fall asleep.

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