"I'm hungry," my little cousin Quin said rubbing his stomach. I gave him a sad smile and ruffled his brown hair. My life has never been that good. We barely have food on our dinner table. Sometimes we go through a whole day without any meals. Both of my parent are severely ill. My mother is very sick with her kidney problems. My father has pneumonia. And I, as their daughter can't make enough money to pay for hospital expenses. It's too much.

"I know," I said and sighed. We patiently waited for the Gray bus. The Gray bus sells the cheapest tickets. That was still 2 Rusders per person. I make 10 Rusders per day working from 5 in the morning to 7 in the evening; Monday to Saturday. Here I was going to send Quin to the Charity school. I know they treat him poorly but he needs education. He'll see me again next Sunday.

Then the Gray bus pulled up and I paid for our tickets. It didn't take very long for us to reach Quin's shool. 

"Please don't let them take me," he said pouting. My chest tightened.

I cupped his face and said, "You have to stay here. You need education. I don't have enough time to bring you here everyday. I'm sorry. But Uncle Abe and Aunt Janine are very sick right now. I need money so they can get better." He nodded and wrapped his little arms around my neck. I hugged him back and kissed his forehead. 


I winced when the blue liquid called 'alcohol' dropped on my bloody cut. My job is to cut weeds in a very big piece of land that the 'R.A.E.' owned. The 'R.A.E.' stands for Russia-America-England. The three money countries. They're filthy rich. But the people who have no money since the beginning stay poor all their lives working non stop for the riches. 

Only the blessed people get to be rich staying high up in skyscrapers where a sweat wouldn't even dare surface. People like me either of die of old age or caught some kind of sickness and die. I quickly wrapped a small little white fabric around the cut on my palm. Working like this, you get a lot of cuts and blisters. My hands are quite scarred to be exact. 

I am 21 years old and had an opportunity to go to a Charity school. They treated me poorly. I would get beat up if I disobeyed which happened very often. Can you believe it? I had to mop 4 stories so i could have my dinner. But I can't deny that it is the school that taught me how to read, write and act properly. The Charity school is like that because not many rich people donate a lot of money like they use to. So every bit of food mattered greatly. You have to work to earn your meals. But when you reach 17 years of your age, they kick you out of the school and give you an ugly certificate that certifies that you completely school.

"Get back to work, Hathaway!" my boss shouted grabbing my arm roughly. He threw me out into the bright hot sun and shooed me back to work.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and picked up my weed whip. I started to cut again. As I cut the weeds, my vision started to get blurry. I felt like I couldn't get enough air. I could feel myself falling onto the dry ground. I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach.

"Rose! Rose!" a familiar voice called out to me.


I opened my eyes and see my friend Kace. He smiled and helped me sit up in my bed.

"Hey, you feelin' alright?" he asked.

I nodded and said, "Yeah. I kind of fainted. Didn't mean for that to happen."

Kace grasped my hands and said, "Take my money. You need it to pay for your parents' hospital expenses." I immediately protested. He worked for that money. I fainted and didn't complete my working hours, therefore, no money for me. You have to work the whole day or you don't get paid at all. It was cruel considering you only get 10 Rusders working for 14 hours a day.

"Kace, I can't! You need it for your wife! She's going to give birth to your son soon and you'll need the money!" 

He shook his head and said, "True, but I have saved a lot. It will be enough for the baby. One day without payment won't kill my family, Rose. I know your debt is a lot. Take it. Meriah wouldn't mind. You know she loves you more than she loves me." I rolled my eyes at his attempt to make this situation funny.

"Kace, I really can't take it," I said. I was grateful for Kace. Kace, Meriah and I went to the same Charity school. Meriah happens to be my high school best friend.

He nodded and stood up. He smiled and put down the two 5 Rusders bills on my table. "Just in case," he said and left. I sighed and smiled. At least I have two very good friends in my life.

I grabbed the 10 Rusders and stuffed them into my pocket. I got out of bed and wished I could go and see my parents at the hospital, but it's too late and over the visiting hours. I opened my front door and see an envelope sent from the hospital. I opened it and read:

Dear Miss Rosemarie Hathaway,

We must inform that your debt to RUSSIAN-AMERICAN HOSPITAL has increased. We expect you to pay all of it by the end of March 2045. Your debt may increase at anytime because of the medication for Abe Mazur and Janine Hathaway. 

Your debt: 25,000 Rusders.

Remember, your debt must be cleared by the end of March 2045.

We care for your health,

Russian-American Hospital

I sobbed and put down the letter from the hospital. How was I suppose to clear all of my debt to the hospital by the end of March? It was already half way through January. It's impossible for me to clear it all up, not with this weed cutting job.

I need to find another job. A job that would get me out of poverty.

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