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You sat in the office of the Akatsuki hideout, just like you had been asked to do. A man named Itachi had approached you while you were tending to your garden. He said that your unique ability to use an Ice Style jutsu would be a good asset to the Akatsuki.

You were banished from your village because they felt you were too dangerous to keep around. It didn't bother you any. Your parents were both dead and you didn't know of any other living family. So you gave them the middle finger and left. It wasn't long after that when Itachi showed up at your doorstep.

You were getting tired of your (h/c) hair being tied back in a ponytail, so you released it and it fell in waves to about the middle of your back. You ran your hands through it to fluff it out and ease some of the lingering tension on your scalp.

"Thank you for waiting." A deep voice spoke from behind you.

You almost jumped but quickly recovered your composure. You turned around and saw an orange haired man with several piercings on his face. He also had the Rinnegan. Something you thought had only been a legend.

"Of course, I'm curious as to why you wanted to see me."

The man made his way to the chair behind the desk you were sitting in front of and sat down. "I am Pein, Leader of the Akatsuki. You were brought here because I wanted you here." He spoke with authority and you liked that.

Men who were unsure of themselves were cowards. Pein was the exact opposite. He knew exactly what he wanted.

"I'm glad someone appreciates my abilities. So do I have to sign a contract or something?" After what you'd seen from Itachi when he placed you under a genjutsu and seeing the confidence Pein displayed, you were more than willing to join up with them.

"That's not exactly what I had in mind." He stood up and stepped out from behind the desk. "Come here, (Y/N)."

You stood up out of your chair and did as he asked. Once you were in reach, he grabbed you and bent you backwards so that your back was resting on the desk. His Rinnegan eyes pierced your (e/c) ones. Your hands were pinned above your head.

"What are you doing?!" You asked starting to feel a little nervous, which was weird for you.

"To join the Akatsuki, I need you to know who is in charge. As far as this organization goes, I am a god! Do you submit?"

You weren't quite sure what you were submitting to, but you knew if you said no then he would probably kill you.

"I submit." You answered.

His mouth suddenly claimed yours and his tongue forced its way into your mouth exploring every inch. Now you understood. He was exerting his authority. To anyone else, they probably would have fought back, but you were turned on by his dominant behaviour. Pein knew what he wanted at was going for it.

He finally gave you a chance to breathe as he moved to your neck and found the sweet spot. His hands traveled to your breasts and he firmly began to message them. You could feel yourself already getting wet. You couldn't remember the last time a man made you feel this good.  

Pein tore open your shirt and exposed your upper half. Your (f/c) bra holding you perfectly in place. He used a kunai to cut it off of you and quickly took one of your peaks into his mouth.

You moaned your pleasure.

He stopped a moment. "If you don't want others to hear, then I suggest you keep quiet."

"Let them hear! They can be as jealous as they want! I don't care!"

Pein smirked at you. "In that case..." He tore your shorts off and placed his mouth at the valley between your legs.

You practically screamed in ecstasy as his tongue drove you wild. It was as if he knew exactly where to hit you. The sounds that escaped your mouth could not be silenced even if you had wanted to stay quiet. His tongue was surprisingly cold but it made the feeling even more stimulating.

After several minutes of your erotic moans and twisting on his desk, he stopped briefly and removed his cloak to reveal a muscular torso. You could now see that the piercings went through his whole body.

You pulled yourself up off the desk, grabbed the waist of his pants, and pulled them down. His manhood had two small piercings. One at the base and one at the tip. You smiled at the thought of what it would feel like, then you took him into your mouth and began to play with the top piercing with your tongue.

Pein moaned his approval; it was music to your ears. You slowly began to take more of him into your mouth and gradually moved into bobbing your head. He grabbed a fist full of your (h/c) hair and forced you to move at the pace he wanted.

After some time, he pulled out of your mouth and stood you up. Keeping a hold on your hair, he bent you forward over the desk and thrust inside you.

You gasped as he filled you completely. Just like his tongue, his manhood was also cold and once again, this only added to the sensation. Because of the difference in temperature, you felt everything. You couldn't help but moan loudly as he thrust powerfully inside of you again and again. He felt amazing inside of you and it only made you crave more.

Without warning, he flipped you onto your back, placed one of your legs over his shoulder, then continued. One hand held your leg in place while the other firmly grasped your breast.

"Pein...! You truly... are... a god!" You moaned as he drove himself deeper and deeper. You felt him hit the perfect spot and gave a cry of pleasure. He continued to hit the spot causing you to moan louder and louder as he went faster and faster.

You felt the pleasure begin to build. You wanted to tell him to keep going but it seemed he already knew and he even picked up the pace. The desk creaked under you as you felt yourself getting closer.

Finally! It felt like fireworks shot off inside your whole body as you felt yourself clench around him. You felt him hit his peak at the same time.

After a moment, he pulled out of you and let you sit up, once you were able to, that is. He grabbed his Akatsuki cloak from the floor and tossed it to you.

"Welcome to the Akatsuki, (Y/N)."

I hoped you guys liked this one. Next up will be Hidan then Zetsu. Let me know what you think. I'm always self critical about my details so if you think there are any spots that need more detail please let me know and I will do my best to add more. Requests are still open and I will do more than one of a character if you have a specific OC request. Thanks for reading!

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