Chapter 16

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Erin's POV

I stretched out in bed hoping to feel Jaxon laying next to me, but sadly came up short. I opened my eyes to find an empty bed. I felt sad at the fact that I would never be able to wake up next to him, not without him getting caught atleast. It was safer for him if he disappeared before anyone woke up and noticed that he was gone, rather than someone catching him wondering the halls up here, or even worse my dad.

I still had about forty minutes left before my alarm went off. I rolled over flat on my stomach, stuffing my arm under my pillows hoping I could sleep the last few minutes I had left. As I was getting comfortable, I felt something tucked in between my pillows. I pulled it out and seen that it was a piece of paper folded in half. I sat up, opening the note and read it.

"You looked to beautiful to wake up.. - Garrels "

A slow smile grew on my face at the fact that he signed it off with his last name. Everything about him made me want to smile. I folded the note back up, and placed it in my night stand. My phone begun to vibrate, so I pulled it off the charger. It wasn't my alarm going off though, it was a message coming in from Beth.

"Think your dad will let you do last minute xmas shopping with me?"

Christmas was in about two days, leave it to Bethany to do everything last minute. I really wanted to get out of the house, but I wouldn't know what my father would say. Lately he had been in a good mood, so I'm hoping it was good enough to let me get out for a few hours.

I texted her back, saying that I would ask and let her know what he said afterwards.

Climbing out of bed, I took a quick shower and got dressed. I don't think I remember being up this early in a long time. It was only 7 in the evening. The sun had barley set an hour ago.

I left my room and went straight to my fathers study to get it over with, but when I walked in it was empty. Strange. My dad was usually up right when the sun set, or ever before sometimes. I headed into the garage, and seen that his car was still here. Where could he be?

I decided to head into the kitchen, since most of the help usually hung out around there when they weren't busy. If my dad had left the house already one of them would be sure to know. I was also hoping to find Jaxon in there, but sadly the only two in the room were Jacob and Ava.

As usual Ava couldn't keep eye contact with me for longer than three seconds, but I understood why now. I could finally understand why she was so fidgety around me. She was terrified of vampires, and she should be. We weren't any better than the rouge's outside the walls. Arlo was probably one of the nicest of our kind you could ever come across, but he was no saint. You wouldn't know it by just looking at him, but he had a bit of a temper issue, it was best not to push him the wrong way.

"Can I help you with anything, Miss Erin?" Jacob asked.

I shook my head, "Do you know where my dads at by any chance?"

"I don't believe he's left his bedroom yet ma'am.."


"Thank you, Evan's, if you guys happen to see Garrels tell him I need to speak with him immediately." I attempted to shift my voice a little more demanding so they would think that something was wrong, but on the inside I was dying to smile.

I made my way back upstairs to my fathers bedroom, and opened the door as quietly as I could. I couldn't believe he was still in bed as I walked in. The lack of sleep really did tend to creep up on him every now and then. I had a pretty good feeling he probably wouldn't be going anywhere today. I walked over to his bed quietly, I really didn't want to wake him up. What if he woke up in a pissy mood, and it just ruins my chances of going out. Just get it over with already.

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