Chapter 3

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Lauren POV

Finishing my shift today was easier than usual. They scheduled an extra person today that means cleaning up and closing was fast. The plan is in perfect motion, because I got out of work early. This means more time for the party. Its only 11:15pm and I know the party is just getting good. This is around the time everyone has arrived and just started having a good time.

I sneak into the house quickly. I head over to my room before anyone actually sees me. I change into a black dress to match the dark tone of my make-up. I take one last look smiling at the finished product. I touch up my lipstick and add some body spray before heading to the party.

I greeted people as I walked through the party, mingling as some would say. "Hey Lauren looking beautiful as always, So How about you and Alex get a game started" I smiled at my Greek brothers. They like a challenge. Alex and I have a reputation at beer pong. Only girls who really know how to play.

"Haha thanks guys! But a little later. I want to get a couple drinks. Where is Alex anyways?" They point over to the direction she is in, and of course Alex being the player she is, she is always flirting. As the looks of it she has been drinking and totally buzzed, takes a while for Alex to get drunk. She is defiantly ready to play. I on the other hand need to get my party vibe going. "I'll see you guys later, if I even get a partner. Mine looks like she's busy" I smile and go to the kitchen to get some shots in. And of course don't forget about my baby drink Smirnoff.


Camila POV

After so much preparation mentally preparing myself as well I head over to the party. I called an uber even though the party is only like a 10 min walk since I'm living on campus. Walking in heels is not what a girl wants to do right before the party not to mention I'm scared of getting mugged at night.

Arriving at the party I stood outside the door and checked the time. Only 11:00 I take a deep breath to calm my nerves. I'm so thankful I brought something nice to wear but I'm hoping it's just enough.

I walked in and the music was loud inside the house, people dancing everywhere. Obviously they were all drinking, or on something else. I walked passed it and into the kitchen. I saw Alex.

"Hey you made it!" She smiled and hugged me. "So what you think so far?"

"It's a little different then what I expected. But look fun, dance floor something I look forward to later"

"Oh girl can dance? I'll take you up on that offer then" I laughed and turned to someone now standing next to Alex.

"Wow and who is this beautiful girl?" I blushed.

"Christen this is Camila... Sorry she gets super flirty when she's drunk"

"I just think she is pretty, nothing else" I noticed she was slurring her words and even if she was drunk talking I felt a little less insecure about myself. It reassured me I look good enough for this party.

"It better be nothing else" Tobin joined the conversation.

"Hey baby I was looking for you" Christen kissed Tobin.

"She's not wrong you know, you look good girl. Want a drink?" It wasn't really a question because she poured what seemed like fruit punch and handed it to me. "I made it so I know you'll like it. Outside they got beer pong and a bonfire. Come meet some people."

I took a sip of the drink, it was pretty strong, well maybe to me because I don't normally drink but it was actually kind of good. I drank some more and followed Tobin and the girls outside. I saw Alex go with some guy. I smiled because obviously Christen wasn't the only one who gets flirty. I looked around the party and noticed the guys were actually pretty attractive.

It felt nice to be out, I thought coming was a bad idea because I wouldn't fit in but the girls are being nothing but nice, treating me like I'm one of them. I was just standing outside talking to the girls about past party experiences they hard and some of them were actually funny. I didn't realize I was about done with my drink so quickly. "Hey Camila can you get me beer please"

"Sure" I smile and took one last sip of my drink before heading to the kitchen. I grabbed the beer and head back outside. I stopped to watch the guys play what seems like the ending of this match of beer pong.

The guys missed the cup and the ball bounced in my direction so I grabbed it. Before I could returned the ball this partner scored the last cup to win the game. Everyone cheered and losers chugged the remaining of the beer. I walked over to hand them the ball.

"Here, congrats" I smiled as I handed the ball.

"Thanks, you wanna play? All you need is a partner"

"Then I guess I can't play" He's kind of cute.

"I'll find you one, give me a minute, she's really good at this game too, so it gives you an advantage"

"Haha sure, while you look for her I'll be right back. Just going to give this to my friend"

I walked to give the beer to Tobin and explained what took so long. I told them I was going to play beer pong. They all said they will go in a minute to some see me play. They were happy I was getting along with people and enjoying myself.

And I was enjoying myself. I walked over to the table and I could feel the alcohol take over. It's a weird feeling, because I know I'm not drunk but I know I'm not sober. It's like the room slightly gets more blurry and dizzy, but not enough to trip, it's still pretty clear. I am completely aware of my actions.. But I feel like it's a bit harder to control. Like I'm letting lose. My words aren't fully slurring just yet. It's hard to explain. But I like the feeling.

"Hey alright I didn't think you would come back. Thinking you chicken out" He smiled. Nice smile too.

"Well I was taking consideration your feelings for when you lose."

"Oh alright didn't think you played"

"I actually never really played"

"Its alright, it'll be fun you'll see. I'm Aaron"


He smiled and shook my head. He looked over my shoulder to look for someone. "Oh well here she is. Camila meet your partner for tonight, Lauren"

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