chapter one

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This story is an one shot only.This will have smut in it.if this makes you uncomfortable then you shouldn't read it.This is my first time writing boyxboy smut so it might be shitty lol well happy reading

Harry's pov:
I was nervously pacing back and fourth in my room.I was nervous because I was going to ask my best friend, louis Tomlinson to be my first .we had promise each other years ago that we would be each others first but one night louis got drunk and slept with a guy name Drew and he's slept around ever since but I was still the eighteen year old virgin. I got the phone out of my pocket and texted him.

Hey are you busy atm?

No what's up?

I need to talk to you about something can you come over?

Yea sure. I'll be right over

Ok thanks Lou

No problem Haz

The doorbell rung fifteen minutes later...

I went downstairs to open it revealing Louis whose cheeks were red and skin sweaty.

"Geez Lou, did you run a marathon to get here?" I laughed as I let him in.

"Nah I was playing with the football.." he replies

"So what did you want to ask me that has you so nervous.." He teases as he sat on the bed.

"You remember that promise we made when we were fifteen?"

This was so awkward! But no matter how awkward it would be, I will ask him to be my first. "Yess?" a hint of curiosity was to be heard in his voice.

"Well... uhh" I say while rubbing the back of my neck.

"Will you please be my first?"

I thought he was going to scream and yell and walk out, but instead he crushed his lips onto mine.I was shocked at first but as soon as it wore off I pressed Louis closer to me as our lips moved in sync. He sucked on my bottom lip slipping his tongue in my mouth our tongues dancing together as we moaned the contact but what was happening was I have dreamed of this moment for years! Since we've made that promise to each other. He pushes me gently back as he climbs on top of me. I move my hands under his shirt until I reached his sides and leave them there.

He strips off my shirt as he does with his and we exchange position. He unzips my pants and strips them down, never breaking the kiss. I move my lips down to his neck as I hear him moan and feel him getting harder. I undo his pants and strip him down along with his boxers.

I move lower until his manhood was right before me. "Go ahead" he encourages me with a seducing smirk. I cant believe he's going to be my first. I took his manhood into my hand and gave him a few pumps and then leaned in. I started to bob my head up and down. I hear him groan with pleasure which the sound went straight down to my cock. His hand goes through my hair as he pushes my head closer, making me deep throat him. "H-Harry I'm gonna-" he gasps deeply "I'm about to cum! S-so if you dont want to, you better move before- Oh shit" He says as he cums right in my mouth.

I go on my knees as I swallow and wipe my mouth. Louis goes on his knees as well, panting. He crashes his lips harshly on to mine. He moves his lip lower and lower with each second kiss.
I feel my cheeks heating up.

"Relax baby." He mumbles against my V-line.

I nodded.Louis took a hold of my cock giving it a few pumps and tugs, and before I knew it I was moaning and panting as he moves his hand up and down. He leans down as he licks the tip in circles, swirling his tongue all the way down to the base in the next moment I felt louis's mouth engulf me, him deep throating me without gagging, which turned me on.Louis bobs his head up in down making me whimper with pleasure as I arch my back off the bed.

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