"Encouragement", A Regency Love Story

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"Encouragement", A Regency Tale of Love and Romance, by Gratiana Lovelace, September 01, 2016  (all rights reserved)

I have decided which of my stories to share with you and serialize next. I have been in a Regency love story reading and writing mode of late—I love the rigid etiquette and manners, and making mischief with them. And this particular Regency tale of mine has a heroine who is a little spitfire, Lady Madeline Sinclair. And I am about 55 pages into writing the story so far—though I always tweak chapters thrice more before I publish them. Ha! So below is my story's description to tide you over until I post Chapter 1 sometime this weekend. Cheers!

"Encouragement", A Regency Tale of Love and Romance, Prologue/ Wattpad Description

Lady Madeline Lucretia Sinclair's very proper maternal grandmother Lady Lucretia Beckham Knott advises her that all a gentleman needs from a lady to offer for her is a little encouragement from that lady. But then again, it is encouragement that a lady must refrain from lest an unsuitable or undesirable gentleman press his suit upon her. But therein lies the crux of Lady Madeline's dilemma. How does a lady become sufficiently acquainted with a gentleman in order to discern if she wants to encourage him--without first seeking him out for conversation or dancing, and without seeming to encourage him before her mind is made up? And when her heart has chosen, but his has not, how does she help him find his heart's desire in her? These will be the riddles that Lady Madeline must find the answers to for her happily ever after.

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