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"I want you to meet someone."

I was used to these kind of things -- brief introductions, quick handshakes, awkward eye contact and blissful conversations that meant absolutely nothing. But in this sense, it was much different. Ignoring the fact that I'm literally living inside of some hormonal teenagers body who's apparently obsessed with me, I had to socialize. My so called mother, Joy, was having guests over for a miniature get together, but these things were never miniature. Too many people, and too much time. It's usually too little time, but I'm not out there on stage living my dream right now. Maybe Calum is in my place. Maybe he's fucking everything up.

"I don't want to meet anybody."

"You've always been that way," Joy sighed as she pulled something out of the oven. It smelled like sugar cookies. My nana always made the best ones when I was younger, but I haven't had any since I hit the road. It's been at least four years now, touring as Life In Motion and all. We should really invest in on changing our band name or something. We kind of suck. Or I guess I'm not really apart of the band anymore. Acting like it doesn't hurt just makes my situation worse.

"Oh please, I'm social if I want to be. . . mum, and like, I'd much rather go stalk the hell out of Michael and see what he's up to." Is that something Calum would say? I sure hope so. Besides, stalking my Twitter would help me out a bit, because then I can get concert tickets, and a backstage pass, and I can figure out how to get my life back. I didn't think I'd miss it this much. What a shame that I'm the lead singer and I've already forgotten what our next tour stop is.

"Typical," Joy rolled her eyes, "I'm sending you upstairs to hide in your room while David is here with auntie Lola. You know how crazy that son of a bitch is." Ah, so Joy is one of those cool moms. Nice.


I immediately trolled up the stairs to my bedroom, locking the door behind me, being surprised at the fact that I wasn't out of breath. Calum was really fit, and I was jealous. I guess I can take advantage of this. I plopped down on my stomach, on my mattress, just before pulling out Calums' MacBook from underneath his pillow. Nice hiding spot. Great way to break it. I didn't even realize it was there in the first place.

The first thing I did was type Twitter into the Google search bar, and I was completely stunned at the fact that Calum had a fan account for our band. And what a surprise, I'm his icon. It's kind of creeping me out. I wonder how many pictures he has of me on his phone. . . That's another thing I could check. Just scrolling through his fan account made me wonder what he was doing as me, if he was pushing away the groupies, ruining Jet Black Heart, or even ruining what I have with Leslie. I won't be pleased with him if everything isn't going smoothly. That is if he is in my body. I hope so, at least. Or maybe I'm still dreaming.

I reminded myself of what I was meant to do, quickly clicking the create button and sending a tweet out to my verified account for him to get the message.

'@MichaelLIM heeeeey, you should totally follow and DM me.......'

Then it occurred to me, and I felt like a complete idiot. I still have my verified account password. I logged out of Calums account on the computer, making sure to keep it logged in on his phone for emergencies, just before I hit the follow button myself so he could get the message easier. My newsfeed was blowing up with tweets saying #respectmichael. What the hell happened?

Being as nosy as I was, I had to click on the fourth most trending topic on Twitter. Of course something happened. Tweets filled my eyes, the media, everything, and everyone seemed apologetic. Headline 'Lead Singer of Life In Motion gets mobbed by fans and has a panic attack.'

Shit. I didn't know Calum could get panic attacks that easily. And it isn't helping that he's in my body. Shit. Shit. Shit. Wake up Michael -- stop dreaming, this is just a dream. No, never mind. I'm just being an idiot again.

From @MichaelsBigDLIM '@MichaelLIM I don't know what's going on... but please message me back.. I need to talk to you.'

I didn't think he would tweet me back seconds later, being more bewildered than I was.

From @MichaelLIM '@MichaelsBigDLIM what the fuck?'

Maybe doing this towards the public wouldn't be the best idea.

I decided to slam the laptop shut and go downstairs to socialize. He was ruining my career. The headlines were everywhere, and I was a damn mockery. I mean of course I was worried about his mental health, but he didn't even respond to me properly. Maybe I should just enjoy life as a normal person. Not worry about cameras getting constantly shoved in my face or fans breaking into my hotel room when I'm trying to sleep. Maybe taking a permanent vacation from being a celebrity could be good for me, though I do miss it.

I miss my quick little hookups with Leslie, and I really miss Luke and Ashton, because they're my best friends. That and this was the week that mama Liz was supposed to come in for a watch-week, and I was going to miss out on her spanking Luke with a frying pan. Dammit. But maybe it won't be so bad. Maybe Calum will enjoy being a celebrity, and I'll get to grow accustomed to this life.

I'm not sure if it's what I really want. But then again, I don't know what I want period.




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