Chapter 1 - My New Life

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I drive into the entrance of the college looking around, admiring the green grass and the ivy-covered buildings. It looks nothing like this back home. I'm feeling extremely blessed right now that I'm able to move here and go to school. I prayed for this every day. My life is changing for the better and I'm ready to move forward.

I look at the families dropping off their loved ones and feel a smidge of jealousy for just a second. Until I adjust myself in my seat and feel the 'twinge' of love that my father gave me two nights ago when he kicked me in my side. A goodbye ass-kicking, if you want to call it anything.

It feels good to be able to leave that life and get a full scholarship at this great college. It's time for me to stop living in the past and live for the future here.

I turn the corner and find my dorm. I was able to get a single room due to my nightmares. The Administrators were so impressed with my grades and extra-curricular activities, that they gave me everything I requested. After finding a parking space, I pull out my one suitcase that has everything I own and walk inside.

A girl with a clipboard approaches me. "Hi, I'm Amy. Welcome to Balch Hall. May I have your name?"

"Francis Murray."

"You're in room four twenty-one. It's on the fourth floor of course to the left of the elevators," she gives me a smile, and hands me a key, "Welcome again and I hope you enjoy going to school here."

"Thanks." I take the key from her and head to the elevator.

"Do you need any help moving your things into your dorm?" A deep male voice asks.

I turn towards the sound and see a dark-haired guy with the most amazing blue eyes. I work my mouth opening and closing it a couple of times before I'm able to give a response. "I'm good, this is all I have." I choke out.

He gives me a smile, "If you need anything, my name is Dylan. Give me a call."

"I will." I watch him as he walks away. I step on the elevator and move to the back to make room for everyone else and their many boxes. The ride to my floor is made with a lot of chatter from the different families. I stay in the back quietly and wait for the elevator to ding for my floor. When it finally reaches the fourth floor, there are only two other girls and their families.

We pile off of the elevator, me being last of course since I'm in the back. I make the left and walk to my room, hurrying to get inside so I can unpack. I look at the time and find that I have two hours until orientation. Just enough time to unpack and take a nap.

Orientation is filled with a lot of information, so I'm glad that I brought a pen and notebook so I can write everything down. There are also a lot of handouts. I'm so involved with getting the information needed, that I almost don't hear the smooth baritone voice asking me a question. I turn towards the voice and see a beautiful blond hair man with enigmatic gray eyes looking back at me expecting an answer.

"Excuse me, what did you say?" I ask.

"I was just saying that it's a lot of information to take in, isn't it?" He asks again.

I nod, "I'm glad I brought my pen and paper."

"I went through all of this last year and I'm glad that I don't have to go through it again this year."

"Why are you here then?" I look at him strangely.

"I came early to help out anyone who needs it. I'm part of the welcome committee." He responds.

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