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A harsh sun shone in my face, making me flinch. Morning sun means no more sleep. It made me bitter. Mika seemed just as disgruntled, his head vanishing beneath the covers next to me. He curled up into a ball.
"My room has too much sun." He mumbled his complaint, voice muffled by the covers. I was now fully awake, laughing.

"I can tell."

"Rise and shine!" Colette's unusually happy voice called, door opening. She was wearing an apron covered in various colors of paint, a paintbrush in her hand.
"No." Mika groaned.

"Mikaela, you have to accept the fact that you have college. It's been three years. You should have internally accepted the inevitable by now." Emilie sighed.
"Yuuichiro, as much as I adore you, get the hell out of bed so Mika will follow your example." She commanded. I stuck my tongue out at her, obeying anyways. I sorted through Mika's closet, tossing him a flannel button up and jeans.

"Get up, babe."

"Dammit, now I have to. You used the pet name." He mumbled, sitting up and stretching, bare torso being flaunted to the world. Emilie and Colette grinned at us, closing the door.
"You know you love it, mister Psychologist." I teased, taking a pair of his torn jeans, one of his notorious grey sweaters, and my black leather jacket, which had been abandoned on the floor the night before.
"Not yet, Yuu. I can't accept any job offers to becoming a Therapist until I actually get my degree." He sighed.
His room was very different from mine. It had sky blue walls, a large multicolor rug with an intricate pattern covering most of the room. He had a dream catcher dangling on his windowsill instead of curtains, photos of many things up on a shelf by the wall where the back of his bed was. Us at a carnival with Lola, Asuramaru and Krul photo bombing a professional photo for the Boston press concerning our kidnappings. Me blowing out a birthday candle, my mom's hand on my shoulder, with our friends in the background getting ready to slam my face into the cake. The aftermath was framed in the living room. A candid photo of Colette painting in the evening, the setting sun creating a beautiful light, competing with her own beauty. Her brows were furrowed in concentration, glazed eyes narrowed. It always made me laugh. From her expression I could tell she was working on a finer detail of the painting.

They had turned an old bedroom into her studio, now plagued by commissions and pieces inspired by Emilie. The last photo was something I never quite understood. He had one of me and my mom standing in the entertainment room after we had finished cleaning it up and decorating to be suitable. With Mika back, we were both content with making the room usable. We were talking about how much fun we were going to have in that room, our backs facing Mika as we stared out the window. We didn't know he was there until the flash almost made us shit ourselves. Mika wasn't a professional photographer, but the emotion he put into them made them special to all of us.

Mika rolled up the flannel sleeves, leaving a button off to reveal his collar bones.
"Ooh, such a badass." I teased. He slugged me in the shoulder with a small smile.
He put on a leather bracelet before we left, a gift from me from our one year anniversary. Mika ended up getting a forehead kiss of goodbye from his mom, and a fist pump for me from both Emilie and Colette. We found Lola trying to find a bakery in town, muttering something about sugar. She joined our walk to campus, giving up on her hunt. She had chosen to major in mathematics, but had ballet going for her.
"Mamá and papá are gonna visit next week, you guys should come meet them. Their poor little hearts have been dying to meet the infamous Mikaela Shindo and Yuuichiro Amane." She chirped. We agreed without any doubt or communication.

I picked Mika up from his Psychology lecture, Mitsuba and Shinoa joining us with heavy persistence. They talked excitedly with us about nothing, making it sound like everything. We answered happily, finding entertainment in their babbling.

"Mika, let's go out on a date." I said, spinning around.
"Alright, where?" He agreed, stopping at my door. We could hear my mom angrily shouting at a pot of stew inside. Only my dear, beloved mom would do that.
"Dinner first, then we find a nice roof." I said, slamming my fist on my open palm.

"Love it. Let's go." He agreed, taking my hand.

We never ate fancy on our dates, although we sure wanted- and could afford- to. So we decided on Legal Sea foods for dinner. Since we're officially the age where you can buy alcohol and not get arrested, we sure as hell got some liquor.
We got Cokes.

And made fish puns the entire time. My favorite one of the night was 'I guess I reeled you in'. He laughed at that. A lot. Think he started crying from it.

We climbed up the steps, growing anxious to see the city from a higher level. The sun was setting, night coming to life with it. There was no worried of the work we had due on Monday. Today was Friday and we were going to live it up, dammit.

Mika and I danced horribly, me spinning him while we laughed loudly. We gave up on even attempting, waving to curious children who happened to glance up and met eyes with two idiotic college students staring down at the people out of interest.

"Mikaa, why are you so perfect." I whined, leaning back on my heels. We were sitting on the roof m and watching everyone through windows and passing by below. The sun was almost gone from the horizon by now.
"I'm not perfect. You are." He murmured, blushing a deep scarlet.
"But you are! You're so beautiful and smart and kind... I just love you so much. Hell, I'll even shout it to all of Boston! It's not fair that you're just so breathtakingly perfect." I leaned my head back, groaning.
"Please don't do that." He said quietly.

"I'm gonna do it." I threatened. He shook his head, but didn't stop me when I stood, out-stretching my arms. The streets were clearing up. I took a deep breath.

"I love Mikaela Shindo!" I shouted. Someone fell over below from the sudden shout. I jumped down from the ledge, Mika laughing. His eyes crinkled from it, dimples popping out in his cheeks. It made me smile to see him like that.

"You're so ridiculous."

"So? What do you think about me?" I asked curiously, leaning towards him.

"I think you underestimate your own worth." He admitted.
"You're gorgeous and able to give me a run for my money, taking all you've said about me into thought. You're really smart even though you don't notice it... And Your personality is one of my favorite things about you. You're really sarcastic and kinda rude but you abandon all of that when you care about someone. You urn into a really sweet person who takes everything into account. I can't even begin to list what you've done for me without realizing it." He mused, taking my hands in his, allowing me to pull him up. Even though three years have passed, it felt like not a second passed since we got back to Boston. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to him.

"You're someone I could never forget, even if I tried."

Says the person I could never rid from plaguing my thoughts.

I laughed, my thumbs rubbing at the middle of his back. I felt the back of his ring rubbing against my hips. A smile remained on my lips, matching his as I leaned forward, our lips in close proximity. We were so close that, when I spoke, my lips brushed against his. Mika's warm and steady breaths tickled the lower half of my face.

"Stop being so mushy and kiss your fiancé."

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