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"Hey, Mika, wanna be my boyfriend?"

"Sure. Kinda forgot neither of us have asked."

That's how we became a couple. No romantic lights, dates, any of that. We did plan on having a movie night date, but everyone caught wind of our plans before they could go underway.

So, we ended up doing our homework with my friends, who have quickly taken Mika into our circle. And, surprisingly, dragged Colette in with him. Random facts, she's apparently thirty five, and has a Master's Degree in medicine. Her passport and degree arrived in the mail a week ago. With our cuts of the Ringleader's money, sent paired with an apology letter from the European Government. We just thought it was some small organization of scientists. Nope.

Apollo was only in a section of scientists dedicated to the unknown and supernatural.

Explained a lot, surprisingly.

Lola had found out how to contact both Mika and myself at some point in between our wine escapade in the Boston Commons and Colette getting shocked by finally learning how old she was. She was currently on a call from my phone, despite the time difference.
"Who knew actual schoolwork would be easier than online schooling?" She chirped as I finished an English essay.

"Nerds, apparently. This shit's hard." Mika commented.
"That's because you haven't done anything to do with an education for a year." Kimizuki pointed out as Yoichi pointed something out on his paper.
Mitsuba and Shinoa were watching over my lovely boyfriend's work like Hawks, giving him tips and small tips to answers.
The three of them have the same psychology course. Only difference was Mika majored in it.
"Okay, fair point." He nodded, tapping his pen on the table.
"He has an excuse, though." Yoichi pointed out.
"Get wrecked." Shinoa mumbled, narrowing her eyes at Mika's work.
"How the hell do you know the definition of those words well enough to use them casually?" She muttered.
"Probably the years he's spent in boredom." Mitsuba suggested. Mika nodded.
"We had a dictionary." He confirmed. His pen landed with a faint thud, book sliding across the table.

"Done, get the movie."

"I wanna watch!" Lola piped up.

"Are you done with your work?" I asked her. There was a pause.
"You're lying but we're all horrible enablers. Face Time the energetic Californian." Kimizuki said. I did so as we walked to the living room, setting everything up. We all voted on watching The Conjuring, much to the three vetoes.
"Hot mom!" Mitsuba called out. Three people responded. My mom, Mika's mom, and Colette.
They all laughed at their own inside joke.
"Talkin' to Colette. You got the popcorn?" She asked. The blonde held up a large bowl as an answer.

"Actual moms, grab the sodas to make Lola jealous." Mika said.

"Fuck you, I'm getting Coca-Cola." She muttered as the three moms emerged.

We may not have been able to have a movie date night in peace, but we did get to cuddle on the floor, which is always a plus. We got told to 'stop kissing and get scared by the movie, dammit' several times. We obeyed once, but found our previous activity much more entertaining, although we tried not to flaunt it in our mom's faces. Apparently the reasoning behind his dad's absence was divorce.
After he was gone, they couldn't handle being together. His mom couldn't have children after him. I'm sure my mom didn't bother us, but it's better safe than sorry. I could never tell if she ever did love my dad, whoever and wherever he is. Hell, maybe he's seen me at an performance. I wouldn't be able to tell.
Mika's mom didn't seem phased by it in the slightest. Actually, she seemed preoccupied with making sure Colette was alright.

Not suspicious at all.

No one except me seemed to notice that, so I let it go. My inner instincts told me Asuramaru would want them together. Last time he wanted two people to be a couple, they ended up together. Not saying anything, But I am heavily implying it.

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