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"I really hope she's alright." Mika murmured drowsily, hair cascading over the face half pressed against my shoulder.
"We won't know until we get there." I admitted. Colette woke up with a jolt, almost screaming. She coughed it off.

"What did I miss?"

Her eyes were wild in a fear. An alarm. She was aghast by something that only she saw- and possibly forgot in the process of waking up.

Mika and I knew almost instantly what had happened in the time she spent sleeping.

About what- we could only imagine. Mika seemed to ponder asking, shaking it off quickly.
"Nothing, Lettie." He smiled. Her glazed eyes questioned him for a second, before she decided to go back to sleep, turning her head to the aisle. Her grip tightened on the hand mirror in her lap in the slightest. Not enough to be an issue, but I noticed it nevertheless. Mika's gaze lingered on it, a dark cloud coming over his expression. It didn't stay forever, his expression snapping back to the shining state it was previously in. I found it very strange to see such a dark emotion cover his face, all for a minor motion Colette did.

"You alright?" I asked as he turned his head to look out the window once more, his left hand still tightly grasping my right.
"Yeah, why are you asking?" He inquired, reflection looking at me.

"Ah... It's nothing. Your eyes got all serious for a second so I got a little worried." I nervously said, scratching at the back of my neck.
"Oh. Did I? Didn't notice." He murmured, tucking his bangs behind his ear.

I decided not to mention that.

Mika almost pushed a few people over both getting off the plane and Colette's luggage. He was anxious, and quite understandably. I had to calm him down as we were walking, assuring him that rushing wouldn't make any difference. It worked only by a little bit.

We had to take a taxi, and I had found enough money from the depths of my backpack to pay the driver to take us to the house. The ride wasn't short, of course. Nighttime traffic plagued the streets, but it was good for Colette and Mika. They were staring out the windows with a childlike wonder. One for a place she's never fully seen, the other for the knowledge that he was back in his old home, and taking in everything that changed in both reality and his memories. I took the silent ride to relax and release any pent up tension I've kept.
I reminded myself of a single, fundamental fact.

Apollo wasn't coming after us.

We were safe.

Huh. I never thought I would say that. Safety wasn't exactly a priority in my life before Mika returned in it.

He both figuratively and literally changed my life.

I handed the driver my money, sad that it was gone. Colette seated herself on the house steps with her luggage.
"I'll wait here until you guys are done. Don't wanna ruin it." She said, running a hand through her hair, grey eyes looking up at Mika. He nodded in understanding, staring at the house from afar. Every room was pitch black apart from a room on the second room, dimly illuminated through a sheer curtain. He turned to me with a small smile. He didn't speak. But I seemed to know what was running through his thoughts as we all but ran to the front door.

I'm home.

We knocked in unison. Silence. Another knock. A groan.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." A woman's voice said groggily. Footsteps and a creaking floorboard reached our ears.
We heard locks turning impatiently.

"I swear to the Virgin Mary herself if you're the Jehovah's witnesses knocking at my door this late I'll make sure you see Jesus-" the door swung open. A woman with tired yet magnificent blue eyes stared at us with a blank expression. Her blonde hair was wild as if she had just woken up. Then her eyes widened with tears filling her beautiful eyes to the brim, hands flying to her mouth. Mika smiled meekly. He sure did get his looks from his mom.

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