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"Yuu, wake up." It only took a quiet murmur and a hand placing on my cheek to wake me up, eyes snapping open. My face felt dry and cold, his touch warming me. He was staring down at me, light showing off the worry in his eyes.
"You were crying." He whispered, tucking his bangs behind his ear.
"Was I? Didn't notice. And I don't really remember my dream." I sighed, sitting up. He was already awake. When did Mika wake up before me?

It's like the world was ending and only he could see it coming.

That's not something to think about in the morning.

"Anyways, what do you want from our stash of foods that will probably kill us some day?" He asked, leaning back from me, legs swinging over the edge of the bed.
"I say fruit loops."
"And I say that I have trained you well, my dear Yuuichiro." He clapped his hands together, wandering over to the trunk that served as our pantry. Colette was fighting Lola over a box of frosted wheats, both having an intense look of death in their eyes. So, Mika was able to jack a box of the multicolored grain circles filled with artificial flavor and coloring. Ferid swooped in and took the Captain Crunch like the dark knight himself. We had no bowls, so our solution is to pour cereal into our mouths manually. It was really entertaining, watching even Ferid look like a god damn baby bird while attempting to eat cereal.

A truce was formed with the girls over the shredded wheats.

We didn't know which personality Colette had taken on for that day, but she seemed pretty normal. Talked to everyone like usual. Planned out her outfit for the show. Despite it being six hours away. Mika got more pills, which I noticed when I may or may not have opened the medicine cabinet to see how he was doing on those. Wrong of me to do? Probably.

"Yuuichiro, there's a demon in your head. Nothing's wrong so long as I'm here."

Said demon makes very compelling statements.

"Wow, glad to see you finally appreciate me."

That didn't mean anything.

"Aaand you ruined a heart felt moment. Lovely."

Remember where I mentioned not knowing which personality Colette was in?

Yeah, this comes into play.

Mika glanced over his shoulder briefly, watching the Ringleader's back, before he pulled a red curtain outwards, lips connecting with mine behind the Crimson cover.
Something very unexpected and potentially dangerous to come from Mika.

So, of course, I totally went with it. My hands decided they much rather preferred to be on his hips, his hands going around my neck, but he wasn't completely senseless, scotching behind the red curtains.

Perfect coverage.

Although I knew it would be short lived, it didn't stop me from A, living in the moment and trying to get some tongue from him, and B, totally forgetting that there's a voice in my head.

Just as his lips parted for the perfect opportunity, a teasing voice came from nearby.
"Ooh, scandalous."

Of course Ferid's sudden appearance and commentary made Mika launch away from me. If the Ringleader wasn't around the corner I was almost certain he would scream. I, meanwhile, looked at that sly smirk with the most exhausted and irritated expression known to man.
He laughed.
"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." He stalked off once the words were said. Mika had already recovered, scoffing after him.

He turned to me with a small grin.
"The Ringleader isn't always watching us, you know?" He whispered, leading me out of the backstage cover.

He was taking risks, and pushing boundaries.

Can't say I wasn't enjoying it.

The ringleader was talking to Colette. Not shouting, scolding, or hitting. He was carrying out a casual conversation with her. She didn't seem bothered by it in the slightest. In fact... She was smiling. And laughing. Mika took note of my surprise.

"Yeah. This happens. Makes whatever relationship they have even more confusing, huh?" He said. I nodded.
They were talking about the history of the Eiffel Tower, if you were wondering.

No clue why.

"Mikaela, I don't want you guys to try and escape."

Colette said this late at night, when I was presumed to be asleep.
I wasn't.

And Mika knew. But he didn't say anything.

"Lettie, I'm sick of this place. You've seen what it's taken from me." He sighed, a hand on my neck.

"But it's dangerous."

"For who? Us, or the ringleader?"

"You know what I mean." She sighed.

"No, I don't. I don't know where your loyalties lie, and it scares me."

"I don't want him to die." She muttered.

"What about us? What about our own sanity?" Mika asked, voice raising in the slightest.

"What about it? I'm already fucked up in the mind, Lola's immune to it, Yuuichiro laughs when he gets beat, and you're broken! What difference would it make to try and escape?!" My eyes shot open on their own, Mika's hand growing ice cold to the touch. I couldn't see her, but Colette seemed to instantly regret what she said.
"Mika- wait- that's not what I meant to s-"

"No, you're aware of what you say. But we're going to escape, with or without you." Mika muttered. But his voice shook. He wasn't looking at me when I glanced up to him. He was staring directly at Colette.

"Your ignorance blinds you, Lettie. He doesn't love you. I really hope you realize that."

"Are you alright, Mika?" I asked. He nodded.

"She... Gets protective of the Ringleader. It's fine."
"First time in three years she's said that,"
He said. I knew he was talking about her calling him broken.
"Mika... Have you already figured out the relationship Colette has with the ringleader?" I asked out of curiosity, and a way to partially change the subject. He looked contemplative, glancing around briefly.

"Yes. But... I don't think she wants me telling you."

Even when he was mad at Colette,

He respected her privacy.

I wasn't sure if that would help him later on or bite him in the ass.

"Probably both, considering the situation he's in."

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