Part 66 🌌

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It was night time in NY. nights were now becoming cooler. Tomorrow was the first of sept. Rosemary snuck out again. Wearing a loose white shirt hanging off her shoulder, not by choice. A pair of her moms shorts. She kept comparing herself to the same blue eyes blond model on the Flyer from a few days ago. She was sitting on a ledge, she laid back onto the flat roofed building. Then she heard a dude scream. She snapped up to look around then she crawled over to her right to the alley way. She looked down as gravity pulled her boobs straight down. her child like curiosity made her eyes seem big and innocent. She watched what was going on. A man was being pushed into other guys whom were taking turns punching his face. She covered her eyes then saw a brick next to her. She picked it up with her baby skinned, and dainty hand and threw it at one of the guys to miss him. It hit the brick building next to him. It caused the man to throw one last punch without looking at Sheldon. He was looking up at the ledge where rosemary Was to see no one. He then looked at his men. "come on (he looks back up the building) lets go." he gestured as he left Sheldon holding himself up with one arm onto the Garbage can with a blood lip and nose. As the big men left, Sheldon stood up slowly wiping his face with the back of his fist. Rosemary looked over the edge again to see him still there but the men left. She leaned more over the edge to get a more closer look at him. He stood up as he wobbled a bit. He then Kicked the trashed can over angry as he then screamed. she tilted her head confused. She quietly and swiftly walked down the fire escape to see the boy up close. He Leaned against the wall opposite of the fire escape. He let his head fall against the bricks. She then squatted down on the third floor Fire escape; put her hand on the bar above her head and looked down at him with her green Hazels. Her long eyelashes blinked at him as she was wondering what happened back there. He Looked from the ground up to the building in front of him to see a woman in an over sized shirt looking at him Like one of those blue people in Avatar. "hello?" he asked as he then started to stand up. She was leaning to her side more than she was before as she was going to run up the fire escape. "wait no." She looked at him with her hair flowing behind. Her hair was already down to her hips. "who are you?" he asked. She stood up as her over sized shirt hung off her shoulder. She then walked down the stairs. He saw her more clearer to see a Latina girl turned with tanned skin and long brown hair into a green skinned woman. He then started to walk backwards as she then reached the floor. Her hair was messy enough to look boho. (boho is a style) Her hair flowed where ever the wind took it. her shirt covered her thighs as she came closer. She walked even closer to see for the first time a real human being other than her mother. She reached out slowly with her dainty hand. He jerked his shoulder back from her touch. She moved back one step. "Did I hurt you?" she asked worried. he looked at her from a different perspective after she asked that question. "No.." She reached back out to touch him. He let her touch him on his shoulder. Then she saw Blood on his face. She took out a napkin from her pocket. She wiped his nose and his lip. He looked down at her hand then up at her face with his brown eyes. "why are you doing this?" he asked. "My mommy does this when i'm hurt."

Sacks estate~~~

Sack's shined shoes clicked against the thin carpet through the hall. He pulled out a key card and slid it along a door lock. It glowed green and made a beep. He pulled down the doorknob and allowed his body to walk through the doorway. The room was light up as soon as he walked in. A sensor sensed his body presence. He put his hands in his pockets as he walked up to a Container holding a lizard woman with her legs folded up against her chest. She wore a black mask over her mouth and nose for air. "soon...You will be complete. And i will get what i want. This city. And then. The country." A woman in a white lab coat with a small waist line with nerdy glasses came up to him. "Sir..She will be complete within hours. Seems her progress has increased by 110%." he turned around casually towards the Indian (not native american, Indian woman) . "perfect." He looked back at the lizard woman breathing bubbles into the gelled containment from the mask. The mask had a tube coming from the center of it to THROUGH the other side of the thick glass to a Air tank.

Casey came out the jewelry store with a little bag. Raphael was in the alley next to it hiding in the dark sunset. "here you go.." Raphael took the bag "how come you didn't get the ring yourself?" Raph scoffed "I dont need the press coming after me asking who this lucky lady is." Raphael explained as he was pulling out the small navy blue velvet box with a silver Engraving of David's Jewelers on it. He opened the box to peek at it then closed it. he smiled "Its exactly the one i wanted. Thanks man." Raphael lightly elbowed casey. "Aye, no problem. Its not everyday you propose. Raphael smiled as he looked down at the box and put it away in his shorts.

Sheldon brought Rosie to his mom's place. She wasn't around but his sister was. "ok, now you have to be careful. I don't want my sister to know-" "know what?" his lil' sis asked. "Oh Sh- HEY! ARIEL!" "AYE! WHY ARE WE YELLING?!" she asked as she mocked him. He couldn't think past her. His sister was really sneaky. Either way she'll find out about Rose. "Ok (He hunches down to her) You cant tell anyone..anyone. Understand. not even mom. Not dad. No one. Okay?" She nodded excited as she understood. he sighed "okay. Rosemary, you can come out." Rose came out off the fire escape to see the same girl from before. "AHHAAH!!!" she screamed. "AAHHAAAAHH!!" Rose screamed as she hid behind sheldon. He ran over to his sister as Rose stood there holding her hands up to her chest. He covered her mouth his his hand. "Shhhhhh..Don't tell anyone. Okay?" She looked at him as she relaxed her shoulders than looked to rose. Sheldon slowly removed his hand. She walked over to rosie and touched her skin. "wow.." "heh i know right?" "HAH! I WAS RIGHT. I TOLD YOU. i told you so!" "yea yea whatever." "I remember you." Rose spoke. The girl looked up at the girl who looked 19 but was only a few months old. She smiled at rose. "I remember you too."

Sorry for it being short..
to be continued..

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