chapter 1. my new squad

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I was recruited to be a member of the suicide squad. And I loved these people. Yeah they were all crazy and killed a few people but who hasn't? We were walking all up onto a building when a helicopter came and started shooting rapidly. We all hid behind something I spotted harley on her phone smiling and she stood up and started running towards the helicopter which an rope emerged from also a familiar deranged psychopath extending his hand to Harley... it was him what was he doing, here what was she doing, where was she going?

Harley jumped onto the rope clinging on it.

Waller: Deadshot shoot that women.
Deadshot: she ain't do shit to me!
Waller: kill Harley Quinn! DO IT FOR YOUR FREEDOM DO IT FOR YOU KID!
Deadshor: now she's dead *aims and fires at Harley.*
I missed
Waller: someone get her!

I calculated the distance from the lede to the helicopter I had a 50% chance of making it. I wasn't gonna let him. Do what he did to me to Harley he hurt her many times and it wasn't going to happen again.
- I ran and jumped off the ledge.-
" oh shit oh shit oh SHIT!"
- I grabbed hold of Harleys leg, as I dangld from it.

Waller: shot now Deadshot and don't miss again!
Deadshot:* shoots and hits joker in his shoulder the bullet travels all the way to the front of the helicopter shooting the pilot killing him instantly.*
The plane spins out of control and joker desperately tries to reach Harley with his injured arm but he couldn't pull her up and loses his grip making her and I fall on to a nearby building!
Harley does a barrel roll and runs for joker but the plane crashes. And explodes.
I run up to her but stop midway she points her gun at me..

To be continued I hope you guys like its so far yes I will update no worries

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