Let's Party

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Picture: Bobby

Picture: Bobby

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I was helping my mom and Rayna with their bags. It was Friday morning, and I should be on my way to school by now.

"Bobby, we have it, why are you so excited to help us", my mom asked.

"I'm just trying to make sure my favorite ladies are prepared...that's all", I smiled in response.

Rayna scoffed, "Oh please Bobby"

I gave her that look and she just laughed and carried her bag out the door.

Before I, or my mom could talk again, another voice appeared in the area.

"Aunty you guys need any help?", Alexis voice lingered.

I keep forgetting she was here.

"No-no, that's okay baby, we got this, plus Bobby is so determined to help for some strange reason", my mom replied as she began to pull her suitcase out the door.

Alexis chuckled, "Alright then aunty".

"But it would be helpful if you kept an eye on the knuckle-head, because I know he's all happy about his little freedom", my mom said to Alexis.

I sucked my teeth and laughed, "Ma... come on let's go"

"See?", my mom laughed talking to Alexis.

In about 5 to 10 minutes, I helped my mom and Rayna with their bags in the Uber...then they were off to the airport. I made my way back upstairs to get my books and bag for school, which I was running late for.

As I walked back in my house, I saw Alexis making a sandwich. She looked up at me.

"Heading to school now?", she asked me.

"Yea... I am. And thanks for not ratting me out", I thanked her.

Alexis chuckled, "Wasn't planning on it regardless"

I nodded my head.

"You sure you don't wanna stick around during the party? I wouldn't mind"

Alexis chuckled again, "Nah little man, thanks but i'm okay. I might go to a bar or something myself or just stick in the room and let you have your thang going well", she replied.

"Ight-ight cool, but ummmm... I meant to ask you something, a favor actually", I said to her hoping she would help out.

"Wassup", she asked now biting into her neatly made sandwich.

"My bro's older brother let him down so we don't got no one else to ask, so since you're here and clearly 22...", I blabbed

"You want me to get you alcohol?", Alexis asked chewing her sandwich.

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