~Mr Jerome POV~

We raced back home, oblivous to the harsh winds. A blast of warm air from opening Mitch's door hit us.

"Ahh, feels nice to be back in a comforting home." I stated. Mitch looked back at me, "Wanna invite the guys over? It'll be fun." Come on, Mitch knew me better then this. " Of course, Biggums!"

Mitch whipped out his phone and called Adam. Mitch's parent wouldn't be home for a week so we had no worries, his mom wouldn't care anyways.

I got out my phone and called Ty "Ya coming over, Ty? We're having a 'Slumber party!" I told him in the girliest voice I could muster. "Of course, man, anyone else coming over?" I looked over at Mitch and he gave me the thumbs up, "It's just gonna be me, Mitch, you and Adam."

"Be right over." He said and hung up.

~Ty's Pov~

God dammit. It was freaking cold.

I got the largest parka I could find, pulled on my headphones and ran out. Not the best idea. I was out of breath by the time I got to the corner. I ran/walked to Mitch's house, which luckily, wasn't far away.

"He- hey guys." I said, out of breath. "You sound like you just sprinted a 5 Km marathon. And I mean sprinted, book it as fast as you could." Mitch said, slightly concerned, but mostly jokingly.

I gave him the most 'No durr' face I could make without falling over from exhaustion.

"Is Adam here yet?" I asked, "Not yet man, he does live further away then you do." Jerome called from in the living room. I walked in casually and asked what game he was playing. "COD." He replied bluntly.

Me and Mitch each grabbed a controller and joined in. Nuketown, my favourite. We played forever, I couldn't even tell you how long, by the middle of it, it got intense,it might as well have been a screaming contest. I get loud when shooting videogames are involved.

Adam showed up around half an hour after our intense screaming battle ended. "So-sorry I'm late, guys," He yelled into the living room breathless, " I had to finish my livestream." I forgot Adam had a livestream today. "They wouldn't leave me alone." Adam said jokingly as he grabbed the last controller and sat down. "Call of Duty? Interesting choice." He said as we joined a game.

Tonight was gonna be interesting. Very interesting.


Longer! I finally got an idea what to do next :D

Let's just say...


OooOooOoo Cliffhanger.



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