Alex's POV

I stepped into the Church, immediately overwhelmed with the smell of candles and cleaning products only making my throbbing headache worse.

"Alexander, is that you?" My father asked from the other room, his voice void of emotion.

"Y-Yeah." I stuttered praying he was to busy to hurt me today; but I knew I shouldn't fill my head with false hopes. My father walked out, his back straight his hair neatly pulled back.

"I thought I told you to stay out of the Church. We frown upon people like you here." He said angrily.

"I-I know and I'm sorry but I missed the bus and-" I started to explain quietly, his hand silencing me with a firm slap, a loud clap ringing through the empty room.

"Get out of my sights and go home." He hissed, his fists clenched.

"But i-it's a five mile walk and its freezing out!" I cried fearfully, causing him to smack his hand roughly across my face again, only harder this time.

"You here me gay boy!? Get out of my church!" He howled pointing at the door. I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I turned towards the door, knowing even my own father thought I was worthless.

"How do you even have the guts to walk into God's palace knowing your going against his will and falling for men, and knowing its your fault your brother is dead." He scoffed, his words stinging like a blade, only making all the pain worse.

I slammed the door behind me and fell to my knees in the snow, that coated the ground in a thin sheet of white, more snow gradually falling from the icy sky.

"Why does the world hate me?" I sobbed tears now falling from my eyes. "Why?"


By the time I had reached the house I was shivering violently, my whole body frozen to the bone. I pulled open the door quietly and stepped into the house; warm air cascading over my face quickly.

"Home sweet home." I muttered sarcastically. I walked over to the basement door and silently pulled it open, walking down into the cold dark room, flipping on the dim light as I walked.

I heard the front door slam and I knew my father just got home. It angered me that I walked all the way here, just for him to arrive moments later. I heard his feet pound on the ceiling above me and I hopped onto my bed resting my head on my dank pillow, silently praying he wasn't going to come down and beat me; But like I said before; I shouldn't fill my head with false hopes.

"Faggot are you in here!" He screamed ripping open the basement door storming down the stairs, his face harsh. I felt my eyes grow wide when I noticed the silver plated knife in his hand.

"Im not gonna kill you faggot, that'd be to easy. I'd rather watch you suffer." He grinned evilly, waving the knife around like this was all just a sick twisted game. In his mind, it probably was.

It happened swiftly. One moment i'm cowering in the corner and the next I feel the blade cascade over my cheekbone swiftly drawing blood. What was odd, was as the blood was flowing from my face; all I could think about was Jack and how he had helped me earlier. I didn't understand why he did it. Probably to prolong the suffering as my dad had said; He didn't want to make all of Blake's fun end. It was sad how any of the jocks would die to be in Blake's place and they'll do anything to get close to him.

I grasped my hand to my face, cringing away to the corner of the dark basement as crimson liquid spilled from the gash.