Chapter 35: E.C.E

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Ethan sat up, and the minute his back left mine, I felt empty. I heard his feet move against the pebbles as cracking filled the air before something hard hit the ground.

I quickly stood and turned. His beast was eyeing me playfully and slowly walking back down the path. I sighed and motioned with my finger for him to turn around.

He shook his head with a ghost smile as I tossed the shirt off and lunged into my fur. My beast shook out the dampness a bit then walked up next to the male, her male. He watched her closely as she cautiously sniffed him. The scent tantalized her nose, it smelled like it was made for her; she walked a few steps forward and rubbed against him then rubbed her cheek against his.

Something vibrated off his chest which caused her to shiver. I rolled my eyes at her and pushed her forward; if she kept this up there was going to be a mark on my damn neck before I even knew it happened.

I trotted forward with him before we broke out into a run. We raced forward, competing with each other as we flew down the path. My female loved it, she was happy to show her male that she wasn't a weakling, that she was a true challenge to him–his equal. His male seemed to like it too, he was strong, so damn strong. He seemed to enjoy the challenge; pushing himself to beat us made him blood hum out to us.

To his surprise, we kept up and kept up well. Half that time we were beating the young alpha male who would nip playfully at us or run into us to throw off our game.

It was surprising, for a male with such strong blood, he held back. It was like the there a rope tied to him, only letting him go so far. It was a curious thing, something my beast let marinade in her brain as we ran.

We made it back to the cabins and ended up following Ethan to his house. He trotted into it quickly while we laid next to the small garden in front of his home. He came back out in some shorts and opened the door for me.

"There are clothes in the bathroom for you, first door on your right," he said while pointing to a hall next to the kitchen.

We trotted quickly to it then nudged the door closed with my nose. Thank God the bathroom was big, I was afraid I was going to have to do some kind of Matrix move to get into my skin.

I brushed my unruly hair out with my fingers and slipped on the long-sleeve gray t-shirt he left in here for me along with a pair of boxers. They both smelled like him, which my wolf more than approved of. I groaned and opened the door to find the first floor empty.

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