Chapter One - Version 1.0 - Who I am and how I got that.

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Meeting Elle and Hailee


"Where are you?"

"Guess where I am."

"Jesus, Elle, what happened?"

"My dad... again..."

"Oh, no... is he okay?"

"Yes, but he's at a hospital, Hailee... You know..."

"Oh, Elle, I'm so sorry..."

"It's okay..."

"Are you coming?"

"I don't think so..."

"I'll try to talk to Mr. Johnson!"

"Thanks, Hailee... You're my best friend."

While Elle was texting in the cell phone, she realized Hailee was her best friend. Elle always has seen Hailee as a friend. But in the last days (or months), she started to see the brunette long hair girl as more than that.

When Elle's father goes to hospital, Hailee is always the first person to text or call her. And the blonde girl could see that she had a best friend. Elle has a few friends at college, but Hailee has become close in the last times. Suddenly, between her thoughts, a nurse calls a known surname.

"It's me."

"Good afternoon, Ms..."

"Elle. Just Elle."

"Follow me, please."

"How is he?"

"He's fine. You can talk to the doctor, Elle."

"Thank you."

"Father's companion at a hospital," she thought."It isn't so bad... It could be worse. I could be my father's companion at a funeral..."

And she was at one. Four years ago, when the blonde girl was eighteen, her mother died. Now it is just her and Charlie. That made them closer, but not always happy. Elle's father had some heart complications after he retired football – a quarterback known as "The Fox".

"Hi, Dad." she is not so happy.

"Hi, Ms. Blonde!"

"How you doing, Dad?"

"Not so bad, not so good, honey."

"Why do you try to play if you can't, Dad?"

"Yeah, that was a mistake..."


"I'm sorry, Elle."

"You know I should be at a class now, huh?"

"Yes... I'm sorry..."

"Doc knows when you can go home?"

"Maybe on Saturday, I don't know."

"Fine. So, I'll come back tomorrow, okay?"

Doctor Alice comes.

"Good afternoon, everyone!"

"Hi! Doctor Alice, right?"

"Yes, nice to meet you! You must be Elle."


"Well, your father has a history of heart attack or heart disease, Elle."

"Yes, Doctor Alice. Is he gonna be fine?"

"Hmm... I'm not so sure... You should take care, Mr. Panning. You are not a superhero, you know?"

"Oh..." Charlie sighs.

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