Chapter One

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                                                           Piégé : Chapter One                                                         

          The room was pitch black except for a small red light that was connected to the system. No one dared to move knowing the consequences could be deadly. I pulled a small plastic cream white card out of my pocket. If you look at it you might think it's just a screwed up credit card that didn't come out of the factory right. The front of the card and the back was completely cream white with a small black box in the center of it. People would think the card didn't have a front or a back because both sides were the same. I took off one of my leather glove and trace the edges of the small black box in the center of the card. If I inserted the card to the system the wrong way we could all be stuck here till the cops showed up. On the edge of the black square was a small lump, almost impossible to feel if you wern't concentrating hard. I slid the card into the system, lump side facing up. The small red light flashed green and the bullet proof, drill proof, shatter proof, glass sliding doors opened. I grabbed the white card, slipped it into my pocket carefully and walked into the next room with three other men behind me. The other three men would wait in the previous room and the last two would be at the main entrance keeping guard. The next room was also pitch black. One of the men pulled out a flashlight and stood beside me fallowing my every move carefully.

          The computer desk-top was sitting on a solid white office desk with a black leather chair tucked in the desk neatly. There was paper all over the office desk and a small cup of pens, but that's it. I put my glove back on my right hand and started the computer.

          The man with the flashlight stood behind the computer and turned off the flashlight. The other two men moved carefully to the sound security detectors. Carefully pulling out a plastic bag with a pieced off chewed up gum in it. Well no one actually chewed the gum, I just spent three painfull hours poking, mushing, and smacking the piece of gum in water to make it loosen up  and sticky like if some one chewed it. If any one chewed it the DNA would be in the gum, which we can not let happen. They slipped off their leather gloves and replaced them with latex ones, taking the gum out of the bag and placing it carefully on the small black circle. While they did their part of the job preventing the senors from sensing the computer being turned on the man, well boy with the flashlight and I worked on the computer. The computer flashed to their home screen and a blank box for text popped up. PASSWORD. I pulled out the the note in my pocket. L5KY6Zo0P284X6. I typed the password into the small blank text box. The computer logged me in and brought me to their main frame. I disabled their fire wall and left the rest for the flashlight boy to finish.

"We're in" He wispered to me giving me a thumbs up

         I slid in the USB to the computer and started loading it with thier data. The three men from the previous room was still standing still each highly equipped with dangerous weapons including a small pack of gum in case their breath was too strong. Our organization director refuses to talk to anyone with smelly breath or feet and kept his room extreamly clean. He had three maids clean and sanitize the room three times a day. Clean freak. The data was now 73% loaded and complete. Only a few more minutes.

          "Eighteen to twenty-seven, get out of the building, I repeat exit the building, security at three o'clock south face back entrance" My communicator buzzed. The message was from one of the two men's at the front entrance keeping guard. They were eighteen's, the three with guns were, twenty's, the one's with the gum was thirty's, The flashlight boy was twenty-one, and I was twenty-seven. Every mission or task we were given changes the number we get. That's why we never get the same number twice.