Eren Pregnant

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Me: Back this time in about 10 minutes I think.
Levi: I have a feeling that we're gonna do something shameful
Eren: Yeah the atmosphere feels that way and you have a weird grin on your face
Me: Maybe..
Eren: Wait your had coffee didn't you? Is that why your so hyper?
Me: Maybe...
Levi: She's acting weird
Me: I'm naturally weird
Levi: Like a weird that means we're supposed to be doing something "Kawaii" as you would say
Me: Fine MircatKing dared Eren to get preggers instead of Levi
Eren: Why?! I'm the Seme in the relationship!
Levi: I already told you I don't like being the Seme!
Me: Do it for the fans guys!
Eren: Ugggh fine.
Levi: Grace I'm gonna give you the silent treatment....
Me: I'll take all your cleaning supplies if you do.
Levi: Dammit
Eren: Let's just get this over with!
Levi: Fine come on Eren
~ A few months later ~
Levi: Where back and Erens pregnant
Eren: Yep just like you asked
Me: Kawaii! See you guys next time
A/N: Hope you guys liked it love you all bye.💗
Levi: Bye
Eren: Bye!

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